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When will Spring Arrive ?

Last week we had a windstorm.  I had so much work already to do in this neglected yard and now even more so. Me being me I am looking at the positive side.

Every time I took a dog out the wind managed to take out a tree or large limb. Our really old big central tree fell over onto my neighbors garage. The positive outlook. It did not do a lot of damage and me or the dog were not near it when it fell.


There was no snow when it fell. Because of the wind  it was dangerous to take pictures that day. When the tree guy came to cut it up it snowed.

Another time I took another dog out and would it figure a big tree limb fell onto my sons car. Now this car was my second car for just in case. Well while we were moving my son had a Nissan Rouge and he slide into a ditch and the insurance totaled out the Rouge. We had so much on our plate and he likes to research before he buys his vehicles so I said just use my emergency car while you research and take care of all that we had to do from moving. So the positive outlook of the large tree limb falling on my sons car is only  a couple dents in hood and corner panel . The windshield did not break. Me or the dog were not near it when it fell and my son had not purchased a new car for the limb to fall on.

It was a good and bad day.



The guy cutting up the tree is actually a teacher who teaches technology. He does this as  side work. The positive he was on school break that week so we did not have to wait to get the tree chopped up. I have some big ruts to fill from all the big equipment in my yard. The positive is I am a professional landscaper retired.

I went out and purchased a chainsaw because this is what I will be working on as soon as the warmer weather decides to make a apparence.


I am going to have a lot of firewood.   .


Midnight is happy about the large selection of sticks she has. You know I had to sneak in at least one dog picture lol.


My son came home one day and brought me two cactus plants. They are pretty and I realize  a lot of my houseplants are succulents. Because I had to get these little cactuses transplanted I went out and bought the special dirt for them and extra bags to put my other succulents in fresh soil and new pots.  Doing this while I am still not unpacked from the move or organized yet. That’s me and I will get it all done eventually. All are happy plants now. Picture is the first of the plants I transplanted.


I also managed to make some bread pudding for the first time . It came out really good.


What has been great about this move is I get to see my son everyday. He works alot and is gutting his apartment and redoing it and he still finds time to spend time with me. He gave me the already remodeled apartment. We like to cook together and most of this time I was on a restricted diet because of Pancreatitis. We were eating separate food and was not cooking together. Restrictions were lifted and we made 2 meals together so far Lasagna and Shepards pie.


There are a lot of birds here and I look forward to getting pictures and just watching them. Well time to get up and get busy!

My Dogs Still Manage to Be….

I try very hard to make sure that my girls get outside and exercise. They have a field for a yard and are off leashed trained     042   They go for walks down country roads     005 0041 They also have their favorite pass time and that is creek hiking

Exploring and night vision working well LOL What I discovered about my dogs are with all that exercise they are  Couch Potatoes ! sdc11797     Of course when out side their couch substitute is  

Busy May

This May has been so busy that I have not had a lot of time to write. I managed to take a few pictures. I have been working on the many disasters that seem to keep happening and now starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. BabyGirl and Midnight are so happy to be able to go outside after the terrible winter we had. 


BabyGirl so happy to be outside. 

I can’t  believe it but we still are under average temperatures. Today we were in the 50’s! My yard used to be farm land and does my lawn grow! Every 3 days it needs a trim! It will slow a bit when warmer weather gets here.

On May 9 BabyGirl turned 9 years old ! So she got her cake and ate it too! Of course Midnight had to have some cake also.

We have been out for more walks.

Then I had to rest

Of course Midnight was just telling me in her body language to please stop taking pictures of her and get back to walking!

I was  also puppy sitter for my neighbor Korie. His little puppy Mak

A Man and his dog


Old meets young ( BabyGirl never met a puppy before )

Even though I have a lot of real bad stuff happen this winter and I am still fixing all the problems . I am so happy that I have my best friends to put a smile on my face and help me feel like everything is going to be OK.






Exploring our Little part of the World

We   went on the hike down the creek that ended with waterfalls. I gave the ending away on my Wordless Wednesday. I just had to post the pick of BabyGirl and Midnight looking at them when we first arrived there at the falls.

The hike there was just awesome and we all had a great time. It was about 1  1/2 miles up the creek to the falls. We rested on a ledge by the falls and had our lunch and while everyone else was in the heat we had Mother Natures air conditioning. We started out about 11 am and ended at 4:30 pm for the entire hike and spending time at the falls.  I discovered Midnight could swim as some parts of the creek were deep enough for swimming and of coarse catching little fish and chasing floating sticks.  (next blog will be about the sticks. I didn’t post some pictures involving sticks because that is a whole other blog to write )

BabyGirl looking for the little fish.

BabyGirl looking for the little fish. I noticed her scooping water in her mouth and discovered she was trying to scoop fish.

A look ahead of what we were about to hike.
A look ahead of what we were about to hike.

My friend Kori with BabyGirl. Kori is the one who is showing me all the great spots in our area to explore.

My friend Kori with BabyGirl. Kori is the one who is showing me all the great spots in our area to explore.

BabyGirl stopping to look and see if she can find a fish snack.

BabyGirl stopping to look and see if she can find a fish snack.

Exploring and night vision working well LOL

Exploring and night vision working well LOL

More exploring

More exploring

A look at what's ahead to hike!

A look at what’s ahead to hike!

BabyGirl doesn't even slow down. She a true hiker and tackles it with ease.

BabyGirl doesn’t even slow down. She a true hiker and tackles it with ease.

Still has fish snacks on her mind LOL

Still has fish snacks on her mind LOL

A Happy BabyGirl

A Happy BabyGirl

A look ahead of what we are about to  enter

A look ahead of what we are about to enter

Another look ahead

Another look ahead

More exploring

More exploring

Mother Natures Beauty

Mother Natures Beauty

A look ahead. If you look threw the trees on the right you will see the falls.

A look ahead. If you look threw the trees on the right you will see the falls.

Midnight leading the way

Midnight leading the way

Arrival at the Falls

Arrival at the Falls. Just to note the only way to reach these falls is the creek hike we took.

The girls stopping to take in the Falls

The girls stopping to take in the Falls

A very Happy BabyGirl

A very Happy BabyGirl

Midnight testing her climbing skills

Midnight testing her climbing skills

Climbing skills excellent !

Climbing skills excellent !

Special Thanks to Kori my guide who is showing me many wonderful places to explore in my little part of the world.

Special Thanks to Kori my guide who is showing me many wonderful places to explore in my little part of the world.


Holy Cow is it windy here!

I took BabyGirl and Midnight out to play earlier today even though it was windy. I live on top of a hill so we really get strong winds. Today a newspaper was flying in the wind and it followed BabyGirl then she turned around saw it and dodged it. It was so funny. They had a great time outside and came in to nap.

I look out the window a while later and this is what I saw. Not only was my picnic table making it’s way threw the yard but my hummingbird feeder was emptied by the wind not the birds.


I went to the back door to take the above picture and I noticed more of my stuff that had been thrown around by the wind. This grill is not light and yet the wind managed to move it! The thing  in between my grills is a party tent I was going to put up for shade in the yard. It has metal frame but I am now glad I hadn’t gotten around to put it up yet as it probably would have ended up in the corn field lol .

Rainy Day’s What You Going To Do?








Well it starts out like this. ( Note  some of my pictures are a little edited because I am trying to learn how to edit , borders etc.. I realize that I am not good at it yet and have mistakes. But The pics of the dogs were good so I used them anyway.)SDC12003_rounded_corners

It progresses to kissing


It then turns to kissing and nibbling



SDC12005 1_rounded_corners


Which then goes one step further to standing ,kissing, and nibbling 


Then it turns into all out play


Then you add a piece of your old toy to the mix ( Notice how lazy Midnight finally stands up )


Then all settles down until the next round . That is what you do on a Rainy Day


The Creek

I have been so busy lately that I have just been to tired to write. I have been pushing my physical limitations to the limit and I am feeling it. One of the things I did and was fun was taken BabyGirl and Midnight exploring at a creek nearby. I was talking with my neighbor Kori( who is just a young 21 year old full of energy) that I wanted to find a creek that would be easy to get to for me and BabyGirl. The ones very close to me have  very steep banks. Well Kori came over and surprised me one day saying he found the perfect spot  and was I up for a walk. Apparently he went traveling on his ATV all the past week searching  for this spot. There are 2 ways to get to this creek. We cut across my field of a yard, kitty cornered the corn field crossed over into another field that grew I don’t know what yet and this spot was just off that field. On the way back we just walked straight along the fields until we hit our road and then walked up the very long and steep hill.

BabyGirl and Midnight had a great time. 



Sometimes I make Mistakes

I try to set up post as a draft ahead of time so if that day is going to be hectic I can just click publish. Today I was doing that chore and clicked publish instead. So please excuse my Mistakes.  I make a lot of them not because my Brain doesn’t work it does! I have a few issues with my hands and they don’t always do what my Brain tells them to. I have been seeing lately this is getting a little worse . So please be patient with me I am going to get better it is just going to take a little time. I refuse to give up the things I like to do because of limitations or as I call them issues! On the up side you just got the sneak peek at Wordless Wednesday Giggle 🙂

It might turn into something …

But for now I am just enjoying learning on how to do my Blog. I am taken it slow and just enjoying it. I get comments about how I don’t have a lot of traffic and you will notice I don’t have any advertising and I am not trying to sell anything to anybody.  But They are trying to sell to me! I never was one to have that gift of selling, or make a sale etc… I am just not made that way. I do this blog more for me and if someone happens upon it and enjoy’s the content or it gives someone a little smile then that’s ok  by me. I am at a part of my life now where I have found peace, security, comfort,and mostly the time to enjoy my Pets which I do very much.  I have never been the one to follow the herd. Most likely I am always the one going in the opposite direction of the herd. If it is trending now you won’t see me there.  I am Happy with where I am and who I am and I know a lot of people don’t have that. So all in all I don’t have a lot of traffic, I am not trying to sell anything , I am just being me. I guess these are the reason’s I am  Not A City Girl Anymore.

Hummingbird Feeder NOT!

I have not had a lot of time lately to write in my Blog due to Having to re-due My shower/tub area all the way from the studs. I really never want to do this project again! It came out great! My next project in there is new flooring. Plus other project is still working on my car. I am trying to do all the things to get it ready for Winter. So I have been busy. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided to take a break from cleaning ,chores and take lunch outside and let the dogs get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. While the dogs were off exploring in the yard I notice my hummingbird feeder has become a bee feeder.

I also noticed a lot of butterfly’s all over the yard. I try to get some shots of them but they move fast and in a crazy flying style. I believe I had so many in the yard because of the apple tree with all the fermented apples on the ground. Yes Butterfly’s like to get intoxicated thus crazy flying style !This one was taking a rest from all that drinking and flying.

I hope to someday get a better camera as I miss so many great shots because of my little digital camera. It is on my list!

After the exploring and playing we decided to stay outside so I mowed the lawn and we were outside until evening. What a great day it was!

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