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Saying Goodbye and Bonding

On Oct 20th I celebrated my Birthday. On Oct 21 I was grieving for my niece Inez as she had passed away in her sleep in the early morning. She was a young woman of 32 who was so full of life ,fun and adventure. Inez was sleeping over her mothers house, my sister Roberta and Roberta went to wake her up and she wouldn’t wake up. I can’t even imagine what my sister felt when she realized that her daughter had passed. The saying you are never promised tomorrow really hit home this month.

Inez   Nov 17 1982 – Oct 21 2014




Sasha has adapted very well into her new home. As much as she is bonded with my son she has decided to give me that special bond. She sat on my shoulder for the first time this week.

She throws me kisses all day. She has me busting out laughing so much from what she says and then laughs with me. She loves to laugh. She also has a sense of humor. All my smoke detectors were beeping for the battery’s to be changed. While I thought it was only one it was all of them. So Sasha mastered this sound and after I changed the batteries in the smoke detectors she tried to fool me into thinking the batteries were no good by making the beeping sound. Then  would laugh at me. When I say I am going to lay down for a little nap and she doesn’t want me to she makes the smoke detector alarm sound. It is amazing how accurate these birds can copy sound. 


When Sasha first moved here she like this box I had so I took a picture of Bird in a Box.


Well it has not been that long and this is the box today. Sasha is a beast and needs a new box!



If it were not for my animal companions I would be one sad girl because they keep me on my toes and keep me laughing .

My Rose of Sharon bush must be happy because it is losing it’s leaves and still blooming!

                                                                                     This is a over head shot.


Well even though all is not well I manage to enjoy the little things because nobody is promised tomorrow.


Thoughts of my Memorial Day 2013

Last year I did a Blog on Memorial Day of those in my family who served our country. I had only put who I knew served. Sense then I have been researching my family history and making a family tree.  On this Memorial Day I get to include more of family who served due to this research.

While Researching I found this site New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center and Discovered My 2nd Great Grandfather John Mallette ( who was born in Canada French) served in the Civil war. On this site I found a Letter that describes the Battle in which he was Killed in Action. The letter can be found here. The title on the letter is :

Army Correspondence.

My thoughts will be with him on this Day.

His brother Peter Mallette( also born Canada ,French) also served in the Civil War. He was wounded and mustered out. Sense this information is new to me I have yet to compile all the information. He served and I am honored to mention him for this Memorial Day.

I must mention that I was surprised to find that my Family History goes back to Canada French.  I am sure as I continue to research I will find many family members who served in our Military.

Now John Mallettes Grandson my Grandfather Frank Mallette  served in WWI  United States Army   303 Wagon Co.

Frank Mallette  Stevens Cemetery North Bangor, NY

Frank Mallette
Stevens Cemetery North Bangor, NY

Frank Mallette’s  son Paul Mallette my uncle served in WWII   United States Army 420 ARMDFLD ARTY BN

Paul Mallette Stevens Cemetery North Bangor , NY

Paul Mallette
Stevens Cemetery
North Bangor , NY

Paul Mallette

Paul Mallette

Picture was in a house fire and has some water damage and had to be trimmed but I am so glad that it could be saved.

Now Frank Mallette Great Grandson  David Brackett Jr Served in Iraq War United States Navy on the USS Taylor.  He was in Commucations   . He served from  November 2004 – May 2009.

David Brackett Jr United States Navy

David Brackett Jr
United States Navy

My son Brian and David and the USS Taylor in Port in Philadelphia Pa 2008


USS Taylor at twlight

USS Taylor at twilight Philadelphia PA 2008 

My son and I were living in Philadelphia at the time Davids ship came to port and it had been so long sense we had seen him. We were happy to get to spend some time with him. We also got to tour his ship.

On board the USS Taylor

On board the USS Taylor

 David and Brian  Inside USS Taylor

David and Brian
Inside USS Taylor


David today at work

David today at work

 My thoughts will be with all my Family who served in the Military. I know it wasn’t easy for them and I know they knew it was necessary to serve. Thank you all who served our country and keep us safe.

WordPress Inspire Me

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The one experience that changed my life you would think was having my son. Though indeed it did change my life and I am happy to have went threw the experience of motherhood . It was more of a natural experience and the changes in my life were expected.  The experience that did change my life and not expected was looking at death.

Before the safety changes were made in the tattoo industry I went and got my first and last Tattoo  I was also given the Hepatitis Virus. I lived with that virus in my body for 10 years while it was destroying my liver . It came to a time where I had gotten so ill and action had to be taken or there would be no more me. So I started the treatment which to me was not easy at all. Being so sick I did not want to get up at all and I slept a lot.

My dogs BabyGirl and Felix depended on me and they were the reason I got up everyday . My son stayed with me threw this time and cooked for me and help around the house. But for some reason I knew BabyGirl and Felix needed me to be up and about. They would spend so many hours with me lying in the bed. Doing all the little things they did to make me smile and sometimes giggle even when I didn’t even know I had a giggle in me. They would snuggle me and comfort me. So yes they got me up and out even if it was just to sit outside in the sunshine.

It was a shocking fact for my son Brian that I had gotten so ill so suddenly and although a terrible experience to go threw we had become closer and spent so much more time together. I knew he put his life on hold to be there for me. It showed just how much Brian does love me. I am a lucky woman and this experience showed me just how lucky I am.

Now I always Look at what I  have instead of what I don’t have. I am not a wealthy person in money but I am one of the wealthiest persons when it come to knowing that My Family Loves me. I found out my little crew Loves me not by telling me but by showing me. You just can’t put a price on that.

My treatment went well and I did not have to go threw a second round. Six months was long enough for me. I think it went well because of the care I had received from my little family. Brian  has moved out and we don’t see each other as often but he comes over more or less once a week to spend time together. Felix has sense passed on to Rainbow Bridge     ( he was 15 years old) and I was there for him during his illness as he was for me and he died at home in my arms. BabyGirl has reached her elder years and in great health . She has started her white face and has a new friend Midnight who has completely changed BabyGirl into thinking she is a puppy.

I can’t ask for more as I have little home with a beautiful view. Some really fantastic dogs, and  a wonderful  son who showed his mom that she is important to him. Well time to go as BabyGirl is doing her little act she does when she wants me off the computer. She has taught Midnight this and Midnight has taken it a little further. So I don’t have a chance to stay on the computer. I think maybe it’s time to go outside and get a little of that sunshine and spend time with my 2 dogs who show me everyday how much they love me.

Introducing Rizza


Rizza is my Painted Turtle and he is a Rescue Turtle. Rizza has been a part of my family sense 2004. These Turtles while in the wild can live 40 years. It is illegal to sell Painted Turtles for pets and with very good reason. Whenever you handle a Painted Turtle or anything in his tank you have to wash your hands right after as they carry Salmonella. Reason they are not sold for pets legally . Now there are Painted Turtles in ponds and people will take them home as pets and some are sold when not suppose to.  Another fact about them is they don’t eat in the winter but when Spring comes they make up for lost time!

Here is Rizza’s story and why he is a rescue. My son was hired to clean out apartments in a 4 apartment building. The Renters had been evicted 3 months previously . My son saw this small 10 gallon tank with very thick green water in it and something  moving in it. There was Rizza surviving in such terrible conditions .  Not only did he survive but my son also noticed one of his front paws was missing. He took him to the vet and was told that he had eaten his paw off to survive . He was given some medications and my son took him home and nursed him back to health. Rizza  eventually ended up at my house due to my sons work  schedule. (his 2 rescue cats also)  We checked with Wildlife Organization to see if he could be released back into the wild as we have a Painted Turtle pond at a nearby county park but they said he wouldn’t survive being released. So he has been part of my family sense.

Just a little giggle note the first night when Midnight came to live here she came in the house and jumped into the turtle tank. Rizza didn’t get hurt and I think Midnight scared herself as she has not tried to jump in there sense. It is a good thing as Painted Turtles are snapping turtles! 

Thoughts of My Memorial Day

Today my thoughts were of my Grandfather Frank Mallette who was in World War I United States Army   303 Wagon Co.

My Uncle Paul Mallette  who was in World War II United States Army 420 ARMDFLD ARTY BN

Of my Nephew David Brackett JR  who was in the Iraq war United States Navy USS Taylor .

All of my family members all returned home safely from the Wars and we as a family have been very lucky they did their duty  for our country and returned home safely.

My Grandfather came home and raised his family during the Depression and died at 70 not long after I was born.

My Uncle Paul Who enlisted in the Army during World War II came home but on his Birthday was killed . We never found out who his killer was or why he was killed. He was only 24 years old. I keep a picture up of him thinking how so unfair it was for him to serve his country and his country could not even bring any justice to his death.

My Nephew Jr came home and has been going to collage His talent is drawing and art. He has finished his first 2 years while working a full time job and I am proud of him as even when it seems to hard at times he still strives for  very good grade and continues working.

These are the people I think of on Memorial Day . They served our country , did their duty and deserve to be thought of.

My Nephews First Art Exhibit


Art Gallery, Corning, Southern Tier, Market Street, My first piece in an Art Exhibit

My Gang

So this was a rare moment when my son (Brian) was around and as you can see all “The Gang” hovered around him. They really missed him. BabyGirl always ditches me when he comes around. He works alot so he rarly has time to come over and hang out. He did take BabyGirl for a long, long walk. She was perfectly content to take a nap when she got home. The black/white cat is Molly and the little brown one is the terror MaryJane. Those are Brians cats. I take care of them as he is gone so much. So this is my gang and it was a good day as we were all togather.

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