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I’m Back !

Finally I have a computer again! A present from my son. That was a little hard all those months with just a Kindle Fire. The other way I also looked at it was I was just glad I had a way online. I did have to stop a lot of things I like to do. That is all over now. I’ll tell ya I can go threw a lot of computers. The last one died because of a electrical fire. The computer and electric wires were the only casulties. Electric repaired and computer replaced I’m all good. I was just thankful I noticed the fire before it really became a big problem.

This past summer Midnight knocked over one of my little yard tables and this is what was attached to it


My son taught me how to make stuffed grape leaves. They are so good.


I have a little mini slow cooker so I also have been making from scratch chicken soup.


My Ouick Fire Hydrangea started out this spring Like this


Summertime it transformed into this


It then proceeded to change color to pink blooms. That was about the time to much stuff was going on and I wasn’t doing much picture taken. I hope to get all the stages starting next spring.

My sister had a Rose bush she didn’t want any more so I brought it home and planted it. It bloomed this year


My Lilly’s did great . I have sense transplanted the to a new flower bed in the back yard. all total 15 Lillies. They had babies. I think it is going to look so awsome. I am letting the wild strawberries take over in those beds for the bunnies as I like to watch them.


The birds have caught on that cats don’t come around my yard so they have made nests in my Junipers.


Baby birds did great because no cats around to eat them during that crucial time they are on the ground learning to fly.

My neighbors cat waits for the moment in his yard. He doesn.t dare come into mine because he knows BabyGirl and Midnight guard their yard. Mr. Whiskers found that out the hard way.

Of course Midnight and BabyGirl are working as a team covering all the bases on look out.


Midnight goofy face


Also Last but not least BabyGirl wearing her Glow in the dark  Beer Paws Bottle opener That I purchased for both dogs threw Wayward Dogs a fellow Blogger. First Blog I ever read and still following. I have not yet been able to get Midnight with hers but I will. Portion of the procedes go to helping the dogs in Kansas City.


Did You Hear About….

We were Nominated for the Sunshine Award!  We were Nominated by Wayward Dogs  

  We say we because with out us Mom would have a boring old blog with those stupid flowers and herbs she grows BORING. Once in a while she will let us Blog . We try to get her to let us blog more but she says then it would get to popular and we would be taken over her computer.









The Sunshine Award Comes with a few rules

Link to the Blog that Passed it on

Answer the Questions that come with it

Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they received it

Ouestions and Answers

What’s your favorite number?  Midnight   I Like 2 I love 2 of everything especially treats . BabyGirl I like 1. I wants to always be the 1  Mom like 6 and  she have no idea why.

Facebook or Twitter? Midnight and BabyGirl  We don’t like neither we like our  socialization up close and personal  For Mom   it is Facebook we have to say. Only because she spends so much   time on it Networking animals in high kill shelters and hoping it makes  a difference in some animals  lives. That’s how I  Midnight came to live with Mom

Find me under my real name on Google+

What’s your passion?   Midnight My passion  food, BabyGirl I have a passion for a really good chew bone. Mom Learning she  tries to learn something new everyday.

What’s your favorite pattern?   Midnight and Babygirl  We have never ever thought about it!  Mom  Plaid all kinds of it

What’s your favorite day of the week? Our favorite day of the week is all of them 

What’s your favorite flower?  BabyGirl and Midnight the ones the bees are on so we can eat them lolol  Mom likes Lilly’s all kinds of them! Daisy’s, Black eyed Susan’s and Sunflowers

My Sunshine Award nominees:

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 LifeDesign Colorado

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 No Act of Kindness is Too Small

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Thank You so Much Wayward Dogs for being inspiration for me to write my Blog

So sad

I spend a lot of time on facebook sharing pics of dogs in high kill shelters that need fostering or adoption. One I always do is URGENT2 which is the NYC shelters. I go there because that is where I got Midnight from. I work and sign petitions, send letters to try and change the killing of perfectly great dogs. Tonight was sad because all the dogs threads were quite . Those dogs will be PTS tomorrow morning . I just can’t get the fact as Americans how we can do this on a daily basis to these animals.(that includes Cats and Rabbits etc…)We have taken a step back making horse slaughter legal again. We Americans are not all that we think we are. We have not evolved all that much. Tonight I go to sleep so sad for trying to save those dogs know they will be PTS in the morning. This is my opinion !

2 dogs that …

don’t like dogs have decided to like each other. Go figure.

BabyGirl & Midnight


Who would have thought a few weeks ago they wanted to rip each others heads off!

Snuggling and playing wow!


Was it worth all the stress, training and patients YES !

Tug anyone?


Old BabyGirl has found her puppy in her again!

Midnight came to live in my home on Oct.13,2011 and it is now Dec12,2011 I’d say that they both made a lot  of progress. It was not a easy decision to foster Midnight and now it wouldn’t be fair to BabyGirl to take her new best friend away. So I have sent in the adoption contract for Midnight so that she gets to stay in her Forever Home.


Unfortunally Midnight is not here yet. She was Spayed this morning and from messages from a  volunteer she is doing fine. I really can’t wait until she is out of there. From reports she is eager to go.Transport should happen on Thursday. I have been working alot on petitions to make all shelters and pounds no-kill. This is very important to me. I had watched video of dogs being gassed and it has effected me terribly.I saw the video at   I thought I had a problem with some people before now I have a real problem with certain types of people. Like ones who can do that go home and sleep. It takes all kinds for this world and those people we really could do without. If they can do that to animals imagine  what they are capable of with people or children.I have been told that it is their job but… I’m sorry no job is worth that. I went threw hard times and never would I stoop that low. Really makes you think.

On the brighter side Midnight has been saved and I will continue to educate myself to educate people that the animals don’t need to be “Put to sleep”

Introducing Midnight

                                Midnight was a Death Row Dog in the Manhattan, NY shelter on Wednesday night Sept  28,2011 .  She is only 2 yrs. old! I saw a post on facebook about her and contacted the people on post thread to foster her. You wouldn’t believe the work so many people do to save these dogs. We were up most of the night filling out apps for foster at rescues online. In the AM a rescue has to say they are “Pulling” her . Because I don’t live in the NYC area I had to go threw a rescue to get her off the PTS (put to sleep) list.  Midnight is safe now and getting medical check and transport to me is being arranged. She will arrive home some time early this week. I can’t wait! I want to thank   Urgent PART2. Facebook for their postings to help save these dogs.I want to thank Social Tees Rescue and Dimitra  for going there and pulling her out just in time. ( awhile after she was pulled they started PTS) I want to Thank Anna Miller( Face book) for all the work and organization on helping me get to the right people and staying up most of the night to do it! I met alot of good people that night and they have changed my mind that there are good people in this world! Now Midnight will have a second chance and hopefully if she is  HAPPY here I might just keep her here!

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