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New addition

First off this new WordPress set up for writing so far I do not like. I will hopefully get use to it . 2020 the year of get use to it ugggg!

We have another new addition to our family Buddy. He was headed for the shelter . My son came and had a talk with me about him and we decided to take him in. You see Buddy is Blind. He would have just been put on a kill list. So into our family he came. He has been with us since the end of a last winter. Buddy’s previous life was not that good so not only was he blind he he was scared of everything .So instead of writing this blog I have been spending my time helping Buddy to adapt to his new surroundings, adapting to living in 2 households, and most important showing him love, kindness and that he will not be hurt or hollered at and to feel safe and secure. That love ,kindness feeling safe and secure works so well .Buddy is starting to come out his shell. He has 2 new best friends Middy and Athena. For the first time in his life he can wander in our very large fenced in yard without a leash. He loves it . He even runs now. Buddy always ready to go outside.

News on Samantha is sad. I took her to the vet because she lost control of her Blatter and was wearing diapers. After all the tests and x-rays reviled she has Spinal Stenosis in laymen’s term she has narrowing of the spine. She has mobility now but she will be losing her mobility. She is on medication so she has her control of her Blatter . She is on a anti inflammatory and pain mediation.

She no loner goes upstairs anymore. I have made it very comfortable for her downstairs. She is not alone as Sasha the bird is down there with her and does that bird talk to Samantha. Sasha loves Samantha.

Samantha loves to chase the chipmunks. The chipmunks run under the log when they see her coming. It is so funny as she is digging at one end and chipmunk runs out the other and there’s Sam digging and looking.

I never moved these stumps out or smoothed the tiny hill down because the animals love that area. Birds, chipmunks , dogs. Buddy loves that area also. He is digging under the stump because he knows there are critters there. I caught him drinking from the bird bath.

Middy and Buddy are close already. Middy knew somethin wasn’t right with Buddy as Buddy kept bumping into her. I think she has figured it out and she looks out for him. Her Gotcha Day was Oct 13. She is 11 yrs old now.

Athena loves her comfort, her tire, and sunshine. She demolished that tire and I got her a bigger one. She has done a job on that one too. She also has Buddy chewing tires now.

Lastly my sister’s dog Tyeina passed away last month. She was 15 yrs old.

It felt good to sit and do this. I never take the time to do things I like to do. today I took the time.

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