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What Was that and the Black Box

What is that ? Where is it!

Yes I heard it too!  Should we go and find out?

Mom Made us get out of there and we couldn’t go find out what it was!

Yes I wanted to go see too and she keeps pointing that black square box at me . I really wish she would stop doing that.

Look she even cut my nose off. You would think if she pointing a black box at you she would do it better than this. Mom could you learn to point that black box better look what you did!


2 years ago my Mother surprised me with a little Lilac bush . My Mom died this last September so this bush is special to me 

 This year we have had a crazy spring and our weather was in 70’s and 80’s which made the bush bud a  lot sooner. This week  our temp  drop and a hard frost was expected. So I went out with my sheet and string to cover it and try to protect the buds.

This is what my poor bushed looked like after applying sheet and rope. 


                       Of course BabyGirl supervised while I did All the work!    

           My Buds are not looking to healthy as we went down into the teens up here on the hill. 60’s today but poor bush had terrible winds hitting it. I am keeping my eye on it and hoping maybe a few buds will survive.   Snow expected this week  oh my our weather is just crazy!                                                                

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Not a Happy BabyGirl

BabyGirl was Bad and her corner hasn’t been working lately. So I switched it up and made her go in Midnight’s crate. Midnight has been crate trained and she goes there on her own and likes her spot. BabyGirl has never been in one and she did not like it. It seems to be working as she has been a good girl and wants Midnight to keep her crate.



My back porch view

So I was sitting on my back porch having my cup of coffee on a foggy day and I love the view always on this foggy day I found myself admiring it even with the fog.

My back porch view

Then I heard the ducks! I live right where a migration path is and I get to see thousands of Ducks fly overhead. On this day I didn’t get to see them but I sure did hear them.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Posing With Yogurt didn’t work out so….

I did a post on BabyGirl . Now BabyGirl has been trying to teach Midnight how to pose with yogurt cups. It hasn’t worked out because Midnight’s snout is to wide for the yogurt cups. Now Midnight has to do everything BabyGirl does so she came up with her own solution to posing. Here it is :Image

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