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Memphis Animal Shelter

When I decide to put a cause on my blog it is because it is a cause that needs Urgent attention. I have been following the whole story about the Memphis Animal Shelter for quite awhile now. They need to make some changes their way  has not been working.They need to put more effort in giving the animals in their care(?) more available  to the public ,make adoptions more consumer friendly. Ohh Just put more effort in finding homes for their animals instead of killing them. So I ask you to please take a look at this action alert and take action., The animals there  need a voice. Memphis Animal Shelter won’t change until we take action


I follow the Blog Our Waldo Bungie and recently she posted a blog about her new foster Ginger Jr. Protector from sticks! This gave me a good giggle as sense My foster failure Midnight is also my protector of sticks. Now Midnight has a big job as you can see I have woods as part of my back yard! Midnight tries to bring them in the house even. So far my trickery has been working to keep sticks out side but who knows how long I can trick Midnight.

This is with in a week when I decided to foster Midnight. She kept this same stick for about a month!

As you can see Midnight has been on “off lead” training and has more variety of sticks to choose.

Winter , Spring , Summer , Fall I think Midnight will always be a protector of sticks.

Midnight  is still at it!

For those in the Kansas City area Ginger Jr.on  is available for adoption. Thank you for the inspiration Emily! Up Date Ginger Rogers Jr. has been Adopted. Check out Our Waldo Bungie and take a gander  at Handsome Moby!

Mary Jane

So this is Mary Jane. When called she will answer to Mary, or Jane or MaryJane. She is a little terror and you wouldn’t think she could cause damage ohh but she can. Her cat pole is all tore up and now I will have to shop for a new one . As you can see she loves boxes. She also loves paper bags.  She is all kitty but with dog mode. I think she has been living with dogs to long as she loves to tease them and chase them and be chased by them. I bought her toys and she does play with them but her most favorite are rubber bands , my hair ties (yes she steals also, I caught her red pawed in my room stealing my hair ties!) The ties to bread and milk bottle caps. She is a little terror but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is fun to have around!

Fun time in the snow

So I again took the girls out to play in the snow. I have snow lovers here! I couldn’t believe it old BabyGirl out played Midnight! Midnight actually asked to come in first while BabyGirl is still wanting to continue their play session. I am really happy how their relationship is growing into something special for them and me. At the beginning I never thought their relationship could be this great! Midnight has done a lot of good for BabyGirl. BabyGirl as I put it “has her puppy mode on”. She is interested in toys and playing, snuggling it is all awesome One more note. I find it really hard to get action shots with a digital camera . I missed a lot but did did manage to get a few of those action shots.   



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