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Sasha Returns !

Sasha is a African Grey Parrot who resided in my son’s Verizon store in Philadelphia. When my son moved to Florida and me back to New York Sasha went to Florida with my son. Sasha Stay in Florida with my son’s friend and roommate in Florida when my son moved back to New York. I missed her a lot but the friend always kept us updated on how she was doing. Five years passed and my son’s friend called him to let him know that she could not care for Sasha anymore. My son Brian took a week vacation time, rented a car and headed to Florida to get Sasha. Before leaving he let me know what was going on and ask if I could care for Sasha. Of Course I will!

It has been a little over a week now and Sasha is doing great! Already copying what I say and has the dog commands perfect to where the dogs listen to her. BabyGirl remembers her from Philadelphia and Sasha remembers BabyGirl.

 Midnight however never met Sasha or a talking bird. Midnight was totally confused as to why the bird was telling her to sit and lay down. She was confused but she would sit or lay down it is so funny. (When Midnight cries because she is not getting her way Sasha cries just like her and she will stop.) Poor Midnight so confused. LOL

When I first let her out her cage because African Greys like to be out and about she went for my books, picture frames and curtains to rein her terror on them by tearing them up . I managed to stop her before any real damage happened and put a box out to put her focus elsewhere . It worked! I got pictures of Bird in a box !


Introducing Sasha

Introducing Sasha

I also have been working outside getting all those jobs done before winter hits. I was cleaning out my shed when my neighbor Korie came over to mow my lawn . He had seen I was working on the shed and knew I would not be getting to the lawn because I have to pick and choose due to my limitations. He is a good kid. He is 21 but that is a kid to me. LOL  Now Midnight does not like laying on the grass so I take a chair cushion and put it in the shade for her. Normally when Korie goes by with the lawn mower the dogs will move. Korie was not close enough I guess and the grass flies out the mower and Midnight just laying there . She didn’t even get up afterword. She was not giving up that cushion! In defense of Korie he probably thought Midnight would move like usual. Midnight will not lay in the grass but will lay with grass on her go figure!

My friend in Georgia sent me a picture of a plant she planted but she can’t remember the name of it  so I am posting the picture in hopes someone can tell me what it is.



Well this was relaxing to do but now I must get up and go outdoors because the work won’t get done otherwise!

Rainy Day’s What You Going To Do?








Well it starts out like this. ( Note  some of my pictures are a little edited because I am trying to learn how to edit , borders etc.. I realize that I am not good at it yet and have mistakes. But The pics of the dogs were good so I used them anyway.)SDC12003_rounded_corners

It progresses to kissing


It then turns to kissing and nibbling



SDC12005 1_rounded_corners


Which then goes one step further to standing ,kissing, and nibbling 


Then it turns into all out play


Then you add a piece of your old toy to the mix ( Notice how lazy Midnight finally stands up )


Then all settles down until the next round . That is what you do on a Rainy Day


Wordless Wednesday

AL Sleeping in chair

What Was that and the Black Box

What is that ? Where is it!

Yes I heard it too!  Should we go and find out?

Mom Made us get out of there and we couldn’t go find out what it was!

Yes I wanted to go see too and she keeps pointing that black square box at me . I really wish she would stop doing that.

Look she even cut my nose off. You would think if she pointing a black box at you she would do it better than this. Mom could you learn to point that black box better look what you did!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Posing With Yogurt didn’t work out so….

I did a post on BabyGirl . Now BabyGirl has been trying to teach Midnight how to pose with yogurt cups. It hasn’t worked out because Midnight’s snout is to wide for the yogurt cups. Now Midnight has to do everything BabyGirl does so she came up with her own solution to posing. Here it is :Image

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