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Midnight is Home!

Me  (Midnight) meeting my new mom1/2 way from Mahatten NY in Binghamton , NY With my best friend Dimitra who saved me from that awful shelter . I was on Deathrow and about to be put to sleep when my new mom made arrangements with Dimitra for me to be saved. I traveled all the way from NYC to Pavilion NY. 

my fourth day home and look at me enjoying the sunshine and my new backyard!

I found a stick! Sticks are my favorite toy.

 I am Happy to find a home. If  me and BabyGirl learn how to get along my foster mom says I can stay foever! I am trying real hard to get along with my new big sister BabyGirl. Mom says I have made alot of progress!


My Gang

So this was a rare moment when my son (Brian) was around and as you can see all “The Gang” hovered around him. They really missed him. BabyGirl always ditches me when he comes around. He works alot so he rarly has time to come over and hang out. He did take BabyGirl for a long, long walk. She was perfectly content to take a nap when she got home. The black/white cat is Molly and the little brown one is the terror MaryJane. Those are Brians cats. I take care of them as he is gone so much. So this is my gang and it was a good day as we were all togather.


Unfortunally Midnight is not here yet. She was Spayed this morning and from messages from a  volunteer she is doing fine. I really can’t wait until she is out of there. From reports she is eager to go.Transport should happen on Thursday. I have been working alot on petitions to make all shelters and pounds no-kill. This is very important to me. I had watched video of dogs being gassed and it has effected me terribly.I saw the video at   I thought I had a problem with some people before now I have a real problem with certain types of people. Like ones who can do that go home and sleep. It takes all kinds for this world and those people we really could do without. If they can do that to animals imagine  what they are capable of with people or children.I have been told that it is their job but… I’m sorry no job is worth that. I went threw hard times and never would I stoop that low. Really makes you think.

On the brighter side Midnight has been saved and I will continue to educate myself to educate people that the animals don’t need to be “Put to sleep”

Introducing Midnight

                                Midnight was a Death Row Dog in the Manhattan, NY shelter on Wednesday night Sept  28,2011 .  She is only 2 yrs. old! I saw a post on facebook about her and contacted the people on post thread to foster her. You wouldn’t believe the work so many people do to save these dogs. We were up most of the night filling out apps for foster at rescues online. In the AM a rescue has to say they are “Pulling” her . Because I don’t live in the NYC area I had to go threw a rescue to get her off the PTS (put to sleep) list.  Midnight is safe now and getting medical check and transport to me is being arranged. She will arrive home some time early this week. I can’t wait! I want to thank   Urgent PART2. Facebook for their postings to help save these dogs.I want to thank Social Tees Rescue and Dimitra  for going there and pulling her out just in time. ( awhile after she was pulled they started PTS) I want to Thank Anna Miller( Face book) for all the work and organization on helping me get to the right people and staying up most of the night to do it! I met alot of good people that night and they have changed my mind that there are good people in this world! Now Midnight will have a second chance and hopefully if she is  HAPPY here I might just keep her here!

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