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I am so disappointed and sad about the outcome of the town meeting in Kern county CA for not granting Tia Torres permits to have her Pittbull rescue site in the town of Tehachapi. From what I have seen and read about Tia she is a responsible and caring person. She gives those people and dogs a second chance at life and how many people say that they can do that . She is not just helping one at a time she has taken on helping multiple people and dogs at a time. Although her main help is with Pittbulls she has not turn down helping of any animal in need. But yet I feel sad that she was not helped by the town of Tehachapi when she needed it.

Introducing BabyGirl

“stay back this is my chair

  BabyGirls close up!

 BabyGirl loves yogurt!

My little old boy Felix

  In Loving  Memory of a sweet little guy.

Felix Sept 9, 1996- May 24, 2011


Felix he loved his toys and the cat Bed !

Someone going to miss the snow?

Of all the places to rest my little old boy Felix decides to rest on the snow!

Where did my driveway go!

BabyGirl ” I am Queen of this snow mountian”

A couple of days ago I let  BabyGirl and Felix out for their morning business and noticed I could actually see my driveway. Yesterday I opened the door and once again my driveway was gone under the snow. Normally I don’t mind winter and snow but for some reason this year I can’t wait for spring to come.

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