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Today Spring Begins……NOT

Today Spring Begins......NOT

Can you see the doggie?

Can you see Babygirl in the pictures? Out of all the years we have lived here this was BabyGirls first time going into what I call the reeds. I don’t know what this plant is yet but it is very aggressive growing and winter time is the only time there is a chance to explore there. They are however very pretty in the fall. Also that snow they are on is actually a bunch of those reeds flattened to the ground from our windy winter and heavy snow.




Midnight was much easier to keep track of with her bright red collar and brigh green tennis ball.


WordPress Inspire Me

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The one experience that changed my life you would think was having my son. Though indeed it did change my life and I am happy to have went threw the experience of motherhood . It was more of a natural experience and the changes in my life were expected.  The experience that did change my life and not expected was looking at death.

Before the safety changes were made in the tattoo industry I went and got my first and last Tattoo  I was also given the Hepatitis Virus. I lived with that virus in my body for 10 years while it was destroying my liver . It came to a time where I had gotten so ill and action had to be taken or there would be no more me. So I started the treatment which to me was not easy at all. Being so sick I did not want to get up at all and I slept a lot.

My dogs BabyGirl and Felix depended on me and they were the reason I got up everyday . My son stayed with me threw this time and cooked for me and help around the house. But for some reason I knew BabyGirl and Felix needed me to be up and about. They would spend so many hours with me lying in the bed. Doing all the little things they did to make me smile and sometimes giggle even when I didn’t even know I had a giggle in me. They would snuggle me and comfort me. So yes they got me up and out even if it was just to sit outside in the sunshine.

It was a shocking fact for my son Brian that I had gotten so ill so suddenly and although a terrible experience to go threw we had become closer and spent so much more time together. I knew he put his life on hold to be there for me. It showed just how much Brian does love me. I am a lucky woman and this experience showed me just how lucky I am.

Now I always Look at what I  have instead of what I don’t have. I am not a wealthy person in money but I am one of the wealthiest persons when it come to knowing that My Family Loves me. I found out my little crew Loves me not by telling me but by showing me. You just can’t put a price on that.

My treatment went well and I did not have to go threw a second round. Six months was long enough for me. I think it went well because of the care I had received from my little family. Brian  has moved out and we don’t see each other as often but he comes over more or less once a week to spend time together. Felix has sense passed on to Rainbow Bridge     ( he was 15 years old) and I was there for him during his illness as he was for me and he died at home in my arms. BabyGirl has reached her elder years and in great health . She has started her white face and has a new friend Midnight who has completely changed BabyGirl into thinking she is a puppy.

I can’t ask for more as I have little home with a beautiful view. Some really fantastic dogs, and  a wonderful  son who showed his mom that she is important to him. Well time to go as BabyGirl is doing her little act she does when she wants me off the computer. She has taught Midnight this and Midnight has taken it a little further. So I don’t have a chance to stay on the computer. I think maybe it’s time to go outside and get a little of that sunshine and spend time with my 2 dogs who show me everyday how much they love me.

Pictures I took but didn’t get to post.

These are just a few pictures I took but never posted them. So I’m doing now. Some just because they are pretty. Others Just because.

In November I happen to catch snow on a dandelion that seeded.

In November Winter begins.


The wind was blowing so hard My lilac bush and Humming bird feeder pole were going sideways.


I thought just so pretty.


Another just so pretty.

BabyGirl coming in from  on Last call for the night. Earlier that day there was no snow.


BabyGirl coming back in from First Call of the morning. Of course even more snow.

Snow Play

So BabyGirl and Midnight did get out this winter to play in the snow. When we first went out it was daylight but dusk approached us and we stayed out anyway.

 Not a snow ball. It is a tennis ball in disguise                 

    I thought catching the wind blowing the snow up in the air was cool.   

BabyGirl is a 65 Pound German Shepard Mix and look how high the snow is on her.

       The Money Butt shot Hee, Hee

    That BabyGirl sure Loves to go in the snow!

   BabyGirl and Midnight finally meet up.

     My ball, oh where is my ball!

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