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This pic was posted on my Facebook and when I saw it My thought was so beautiful.
Pic post by Gio Mazmaniani on Facebook

Animal Advocacy

For anyone interested in Animal Advocacy I have started another Blog Paws Abilities 4 Paws . 

It is about our Shelter System that needs change, my view of our shelter systems and of course and always there are pets that need help getting out of that system.

I have a dog (Midnight) now a part of my family that was in that system. If I had not seen her on my Facebook page she would have been killed the next morning. I saw her and welcomed her into my home. This was Midnight when in that system Image

New York City Care and Control Manhattan Center

This is Midnight Now


Please Adopt don’t Shop!

Introducing Rizza


Rizza is my Painted Turtle and he is a Rescue Turtle. Rizza has been a part of my family sense 2004. These Turtles while in the wild can live 40 years. It is illegal to sell Painted Turtles for pets and with very good reason. Whenever you handle a Painted Turtle or anything in his tank you have to wash your hands right after as they carry Salmonella. Reason they are not sold for pets legally . Now there are Painted Turtles in ponds and people will take them home as pets and some are sold when not suppose to.  Another fact about them is they don’t eat in the winter but when Spring comes they make up for lost time!

Here is Rizza’s story and why he is a rescue. My son was hired to clean out apartments in a 4 apartment building. The Renters had been evicted 3 months previously . My son saw this small 10 gallon tank with very thick green water in it and something  moving in it. There was Rizza surviving in such terrible conditions .  Not only did he survive but my son also noticed one of his front paws was missing. He took him to the vet and was told that he had eaten his paw off to survive . He was given some medications and my son took him home and nursed him back to health. Rizza  eventually ended up at my house due to my sons work  schedule. (his 2 rescue cats also)  We checked with Wildlife Organization to see if he could be released back into the wild as we have a Painted Turtle pond at a nearby county park but they said he wouldn’t survive being released. So he has been part of my family sense.

Just a little giggle note the first night when Midnight came to live here she came in the house and jumped into the turtle tank. Rizza didn’t get hurt and I think Midnight scared herself as she has not tried to jump in there sense. It is a good thing as Painted Turtles are snapping turtles! 

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