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Catching Up

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog with more than a few words and a couple pictures. Life tends to do that sometimes. It has been a really long and cold winter and even on Easter it was snowing here.I was invited to my sisters house for Easter Dinner but didn’t go. I was exhausted and I hate driving in bad weather. So I had a ham sandwich and gave all my animal children some extra special attention.

Easter Day Weather in my Area


Update : Sadly David passed away June 18th 2016.

My Ex  David whom I stayed friends with and but don’t live with for years now had a stroke a few years ago. He had some side effects from the stroke where his blood pressure goes to low and he falls down. He has fallen but never seriously hurt until January. He fell about 20 times in his apartment and had to be rushed to the hosiptal where I was told he had bleeding on the brain and broke his neck in 3 places. He had to be transferred to the city to a better equipped hosiptal. While there he was eating a meal and all the food went to his lungs instead of his stomach . He was found unresponsive and his heart stopped. They revived him but at the time they didn’t know about the food in his lungs and found out where the food went when they tried to hook him to a breathing machine that would breath for him. His brain has been without oxygen for a bit now and they called me because I am his health care proxy. They had to do surgery to remove the food but called me to get permission or let him pass away. I said do the surgery. I became overwhelmed, stressed out and anxiety kicked in from making this decision. I waited about 3 hours when the doctors called and said he made it threw surgery. Now we had to wait for him to be conscious  to tell what the damage or if there was damage from his brain going so long without oxygen. It was a hard 2 days wait to see if I had made the right decision. I was called by the ICU nurse to let me know he was awake and responsive and doing well. She told me she never seen anyone who went without oxygen that long and doing as well as David is. Even though I knew he was ok it took me a long time to recover from me making the decision I did. I could not shake the anxiety and stress. When I talked with David he said he did want to live and I made the right decision. He spent 2 months in that hosiptal and he has transferred to a nursing home by my house for rehab . He is on a feeding tube and has swallow  exercises so he can eat again. He has not eaten in 3 months. I was planing on going to visit him with my dog BabyGirl (nursing home allows pet visit as long as their shots are up to date) who originally was David’s dog but she  lived with me most of her life because David said I can take better care of her than he could. He loves her that much. So they always have lots of visits. Well they have not seen each other in 3 months and you could see it affected BabyGirl that she hasn’t seen her daddy. All was planned when I get a call that David is in ICU with pneumonia and is blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level. He was in ICU for 4 days. Yesterday BabyGirl and I were able to go and visit him. It did her a world of good to go see him and she was very well behaved while there. Here they are together after not seeing each other for 3 months. David also beat me in Gin Rummy so his brain is doing well.


 Staying in all winter I did a lot of bird watching.





The pictures are far from great. I remedied that . I ordered my camera today!

Sasha the Bird has been busy also you can check out her video’s here.

I can not forget Mary Jane the cat this is her latest mischief. I was filling her food storage container . I turn my back for one second and saw this. She has taking trough feeding to a new level hahaha


 BabyGirl and Midnight got their new fancy custom collars !





Back in February  I sadly had to send Molly over rainbow bride because og Feline Leukemia. She is so missed to this day.


They are inside cats (girls)  and are spaded so I never  thought about them getting Feline Leukemia. Really I didn ‘t know there was a shot to prevent it . I know about dogs and my knowledge about cats has been limited. A feral cat was courting my girls threw the window and managed to convince Molly to sneak out one day.( I have no idea why this cat liked my girls as they are spaded but he did) . Molly spent the night with this cat and returned in the morning. This is I believe how she got sick.
Her best friend Mary Jane had to wait to get the test the vet said. 


So yesterday was the day Mary  Jane was to get her check up and test. She had a negitive test result and her checkup is she is a healthy middle aged kitty. I am so glad that stress is over with. She recived her Feline Leukemia shot and her Rabies shot and all is well for her. We miss Molly so much but in a way Molly ‘ s  life and death educated me on cats and in turned helped me protect Mary Jane.

NYCACC be Accountable for not doing right by the Animals

Every once in awhile I post something about animals that is important to me. This is one of those times. There is a Petition   going around to give New York City a little shove towards doing the right Thing.

I know it is such a shame that you have to give our elected officials and our government departments a shove to do the right thing. This is what we must do so I am trying to help do that.

It is so important to me as I have one of those dogs from NYC as part of my Family. Here she is on her intake photo. She looks so frighten and do you blame her for being so scared? Midnight was going to be killed because she had kennel cough. It is very treatable and more important  it is preventable.


      This is a photo (below) a volunteer took. The volunteer took the time to have her comfortable to take her picture. The VOLUNTEERS are AMAZING at the NYCACC. Thank you guy’s so much for all the care you give to the NYCACC animals. This is the picture I saw on my Facebook in the middle of the night on a To Be Destroyed List on Urgent Part 2 Death Row Dogs.  A Facebook site that post dogs that are not seen by the public. I had this feeling that I needed to give her a home and I am so glad I did. She is so very sweet and smart. I contacted a Rescue in NYC  Social Tees Animal Rescue  and they made it happen for Midnight to become part of my Family. I live in Western NY and Midnight traveled across NY state to find her forever home.

There are so many people out there that are trying to save these animals and yet the NYCACC is suppose to be doing what so many of these caring people do. That is why it is so important to sign thePetition . To make NYCACC and the NYC Department of health accountable for not doing their job and not doing it right. So please sign the Petition and make NYCACC know they need to do their job and do it right. NYC is suppose to be a leader and yet they are so un-evolved when it comes to our pets.

This is Midnight sense she has been with me. All NYCACC wanted to do with her is kill her.




Rest Peace Sweet Molly Cat

Today is a sad day for us as Molly Cat had to go over rainbow bridge today. She lost her fight with feline lukemia. She will be missed ever so much. Rest in peace Molly we all Love you.



2003- Feb 11 2013

Wordless Wednesday


Animal Advocacy

For anyone interested in Animal Advocacy I have started another Blog Paws Abilities 4 Paws . 

It is about our Shelter System that needs change, my view of our shelter systems and of course and always there are pets that need help getting out of that system.

I have a dog (Midnight) now a part of my family that was in that system. If I had not seen her on my Facebook page she would have been killed the next morning. I saw her and welcomed her into my home. This was Midnight when in that system Image

New York City Care and Control Manhattan Center

This is Midnight Now


Please Adopt don’t Shop!

Memphis Animal Shelter

When I decide to put a cause on my blog it is because it is a cause that needs Urgent attention. I have been following the whole story about the Memphis Animal Shelter for quite awhile now. They need to make some changes their way  has not been working.They need to put more effort in giving the animals in their care(?) more available  to the public ,make adoptions more consumer friendly. Ohh Just put more effort in finding homes for their animals instead of killing them. So I ask you to please take a look at this action alert and take action., The animals there  need a voice. Memphis Animal Shelter won’t change until we take action

Mary Jane

So this is Mary Jane. When called she will answer to Mary, or Jane or MaryJane. She is a little terror and you wouldn’t think she could cause damage ohh but she can. Her cat pole is all tore up and now I will have to shop for a new one . As you can see she loves boxes. She also loves paper bags.  She is all kitty but with dog mode. I think she has been living with dogs to long as she loves to tease them and chase them and be chased by them. I bought her toys and she does play with them but her most favorite are rubber bands , my hair ties (yes she steals also, I caught her red pawed in my room stealing my hair ties!) The ties to bread and milk bottle caps. She is a little terror but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is fun to have around!

The cats have recovered from the Midnight Terror

When I first brought Midnight home the first thing she did was jump into the turtle tank! The second thing she did was terrorize the cats. The cats started to hide in the bathroom until night came and they knew Midnight would be shut in my room. So I had to start Midnights Kitty social skills.  She  has done well and now Molly is out doing what Molly does best

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