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Winter Storm and Etc…

I live in the area where we were hit by the snow storm in Western , NY. We were not hit as hard as a couple of towns that got 64 inches in 24 hours but it still was a lot of snow for a 24 hour period. We are to get pounded with more snow tomorrow. But I have to say it is beautiful and I have a great big window in the warm to enjoy the view! 

About a week before the storm I took this picture because I thought the moon threw the trees looked awesome

.Last but not least I was at a friends house today and I was looking out his balcony doors and saw this little chubby Robin and had to take it’s picture. This little lovely has been eating well. My friend said his neighbor has a bird feeder at the bottom branches of this tree.


My First Protest

Most  protests that go on are usually in a big city USA and sense I live in what is call way out there in the country I never get to participate in the protests that go on about my animal friends domestic or wild . Anyone that has ever took a peek into this blog knows I love my fur friends. I always take to the internet to fight the many battles for animals. Not today, today I participated in a protest in Holly , NY that is a couple counties over from me. The Protest against what is called the Squirrel Slam. The Holly Fire Dept has a contest every year to raise funds by the killing of innocent squirrels. Friends of offered the Holly Fire Dept  money not to go on with the contest and it was more money than they would have made on the contest and they turned it down That in it self is bad enough but to add to it the contest let 12 years old and up participate in this contest/fundraiser of killing of small animals. I see this as a problem especially with the children being taught it is ok to kill a sentient being. It desensitizes the children .   Then they grow up and society has to deal with them.  Then they reward them with a prize for killing . No good can come out of this Protest3 or thisprotest 12 Or this protest 13Those squirrels are the reason I chose to protest as they have every right to live as we  do. I enjoy wildlife and I don’t want it to be killed off because of a contest/fundraiser.  NY Residents: Find your legislators and ask them to support the bills that will ban animal-killing contests in NY   : I put why I Protested and posted pictures of the end result of this contest Dead Squirrels. Now I will post of what we did as protesters.


Protest 2

Edita of   Friends of given the Fire Chef petiton to stop the squirrel Slam Contest.

Protest 3



The protesters that are protesting the protesters


Please take the time to let your Legislators know that animal killing contests should be no more.

Will I ever protest again you bet as long as I can get there I will always try to help my animal friends.


I haven’t been blogging much and for this I am sorry.  It can’t be helped right now.  I do have the attitude that things will get better and I  can further explore writing.  For now it will only be here and there. Although I was unable to get pictures of the thousands of ducks that pass over my house all at once twice a year I did hear them. There was to much cloud cover to catch such a site. I will try again in the spring. I did however get a couple  pictures this passed Summer of ducks in a park and this Fall only one picture of  a few ducks that didn’t fly with the crowd so here they are!


The picture below was taken  from my back porch.

I Had Never…..

I have never seen a bird like this up close and in real life before this day. I think it is some kind of vulture . Him and his pals were guarding a deer that was run over on the side of the road. He had a lot of buddies with him.


Introducing Rizza


Rizza is my Painted Turtle and he is a Rescue Turtle. Rizza has been a part of my family sense 2004. These Turtles while in the wild can live 40 years. It is illegal to sell Painted Turtles for pets and with very good reason. Whenever you handle a Painted Turtle or anything in his tank you have to wash your hands right after as they carry Salmonella. Reason they are not sold for pets legally . Now there are Painted Turtles in ponds and people will take them home as pets and some are sold when not suppose to.  Another fact about them is they don’t eat in the winter but when Spring comes they make up for lost time!

Here is Rizza’s story and why he is a rescue. My son was hired to clean out apartments in a 4 apartment building. The Renters had been evicted 3 months previously . My son saw this small 10 gallon tank with very thick green water in it and something  moving in it. There was Rizza surviving in such terrible conditions .  Not only did he survive but my son also noticed one of his front paws was missing. He took him to the vet and was told that he had eaten his paw off to survive . He was given some medications and my son took him home and nursed him back to health. Rizza  eventually ended up at my house due to my sons work  schedule. (his 2 rescue cats also)  We checked with Wildlife Organization to see if he could be released back into the wild as we have a Painted Turtle pond at a nearby county park but they said he wouldn’t survive being released. So he has been part of my family sense.

Just a little giggle note the first night when Midnight came to live here she came in the house and jumped into the turtle tank. Rizza didn’t get hurt and I think Midnight scared herself as she has not tried to jump in there sense. It is a good thing as Painted Turtles are snapping turtles! 

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