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The cats have recovered from the Midnight Terror

When I first brought Midnight home the first thing she did was jump into the turtle tank! The second thing she did was terrorize the cats. The cats started to hide in the bathroom until night came and they knew Midnight would be shut in my room. So I had to start Midnights Kitty social skills.  She  has done well and now Molly is out doing what Molly does best

Christmas Catus

So what I learned this year is to leave them out all year except Winter.

This is a pic of one of my Christmas Catus that stayed in all year.







This is a pic of the Christmas Catus that was only in for the Winter.







Guess they will stay outside!

What is that?

Midnight has been hearing the horses across the street whinning and has been trying to figure out what is that. So today I took the girls for a walk to see what  that is.


                                  This was her first reaction to seeing the horses.          


The horse came up to the fence not long after this and Midnight relized her size and reacted and made the horse run and Midnight reacted to that. I wish I could have gotten pics or video of that.

As you can see this is not the first time BabyGirl has been to see the horses.

Midnight had a great time on her walk. They both acted like they were the best of friends that is until they got home lolol

This is the road where we live. we are at the bottom of the hill and have to still walk up the hill. Because we live at the top of the hill and We are not city girls anymore!

Fun Day

Midnight with her big rawhide

Midnight with her new toy the fox. She went crazy when she saw this at the store. Her new favorite toy. Aren’t 2ed chances great? When I look at her I think to myself she could not be here right now but she is and I am happy she is.

BabyGirl having a little fun herself.

BabyGirl  Posing again! She loves the camera !

                                                                 BabyGirl Sun tanning

Shopping with the girls

So Here are Me and the Girls BabyGirl and Midnight on a doggie shopping trip . BabyGirl did well as she has experience going shopping. Midnight was a Nightmare! She knocked over signs and knocked things off of shelves and it was so funny.

Here is a Happy girl waiting for a treat from the pet store employee. He took this pic of her as she waited for her doggie cookie.

Here are the Girls having as much fun with the bush outside the store as they had in the store. It took me awhile to get them to the car HaHaHa. This is a special pic because they are right next to each other without trying to rip each others heads off.


 My parsely has been threw a few frost now and still doing well



Rosemary I brought in before first frost. this will be it’s 2ed winter in. I have dried and put in spice jars. I harvested alot this summer.

Basil I kept in all year as the June bugs really went crazy on it last year. I have dried some and mostly use fresh.

A small parsely plant I brought in for winter.

My oregano plant I forgot to bring in last year and didn’t make it . Next year I will replant oregano and I also want to add chives.I had them in philly and really enjoyed them. I also planted chili peppers and pumkins. I harvested some Chili peppers and have used them . I did not get pics of the plants before frost and to bad as they were so pretty. My pumkins didn’t ripen all the way. I figured it was because we had such a late spring.

Posing with yogurt cups has been my career

I have posed  and posed with yogurt cups! How did I do ? lolol

Thats right I…

 am sticking out my tongue at you!

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