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Midnight aka Middy

It is with heartbreaking sadness that I tell you Midnight passed peacefully at home in her sleep On May 11 2021 Midnight had a brain tumor. I miss her so much I could not post until now and still having a hard time doing so. I remind myself that NYCACC wanted to kill her at the age of 2 for kennel cough. I gave her these years to live her life with love, care and some adventure. If you asked her for a hug she would give you one. She loved to hug. She loved cows and sleeping in weird positions. She love sticks. The bigger they were the better. I wrote about her throughout this blog. Take a peek if you so desire of the life she live that NYCACC wasn’t willing to give her.

I am crying again while I write this so I am going to post a few photos of Midnight last month .

A day she stayed close to me all day.
Enjoying a raw bone. She didn’t want to lay down to eat so this is what she figured out to do.
Having a peaceful nap. She napped alot. She paced so much from the tumor. She also lost sight in one eye.
Her and Samantha hated each other. I always kept them separated. Middy would never volunteer to sit near her like this. I think she was making her peace with Samantha and Samantha was on her best behavior . Middy Passed later that night at 11:55 pm.
The last picture I took of Middy on the day she passed. We spent most of the afternoon outside just her and me. I had no idea at the time that that night would be time to say goodbye.


I have been so busy getting some projects done and 2 of my dogs have health issues and so I been caring for them and trying to keep them happy while going though their health changes.

A fellow blogger Rachel Mankowitz wrote a book. I ordered on kindle but found it to hard to read outside on my phone. So I ordered the paperback copy to read outside . My dogs want to be outside all the time so when I am not working or playing with the dogs I plan on laying in the hammock and reading her book.

Another friend of mine Pete Braven wrote a children’s book. I ordered it because my dogs love to be read to. He has a 2nd book written and waiting on art work to be done.

I am finding it hard enough getting though this post let alone write a book. It has been so long since I blogged so much has changed and am trying to find my way around the new format of writing on here.

So Buddy has been with us for a year now. He really amazes me on how well he gets around and not being able to see. He went to his first veterinary appointment and got his shots. We were told he was six but vet says he is around 8 years old. I also had vet check his eyes in the hope he could get some vision but vet says no. On the up side Buddy gets to go in my large fenced in yard and wander and run to his delight. Buddy always was taken out on leash and not often as he should have been. He never got the chance to explore. He is loving his new found freedom. Yes he runs in the yard ! He has gotten really close with Midnight and Athena and they taught him zoomies! They look out for him . On a sad note Midnight started having really bad seizures . She is on 2 different seizure medications and she is just not the same happy go lucky Middy. She sleeps a lot.

Buddy has been sticking to Middy like glue since she had seizures.
2 different times I managed to get pic of Buddy snuggling Midnight.
Middy sleeps most of the time these days.
When you say outside Buddy is up & ready to go.

Samantha is doing surprisingly well. She was expected to lose her mobility about 7 months ago. She still chases the chipmunks and although she is not 100% she is enjoying life.

She loves her new bed and Hedgehog
On chipmunk watch.

Athena is doing well. She is healthy and strong.

Athena the blanket thief
Athena & Buddy chewing bark together.

Sasha the Bird is doing well. Sas mouth as usual.

Sasha the Bird
She was allowed there until she started shredding the plants.

I finally name the turtle. Her name is Daisey. I added a mirror to the side of the tank and she visits herself lol . In this picture she is napping. She always wedges herself in various positions to sleep. She loves those fake plants. she rearranges them all the time. Reminds me of when I would come home from school and my mother would have rooms rearranged. My Mom did that on a regular basis.

On a sad note my sisters dog Popi passed away today. He was 20 years old. He was the sweetest little guy ever.

New addition

First off this new WordPress set up for writing so far I do not like. I will hopefully get use to it . 2020 the year of get use to it ugggg!

We have another new addition to our family Buddy. He was headed for the shelter . My son came and had a talk with me about him and we decided to take him in. You see Buddy is Blind. He would have just been put on a kill list. So into our family he came. He has been with us since the end of a last winter. Buddy’s previous life was not that good so not only was he blind he he was scared of everything .So instead of writing this blog I have been spending my time helping Buddy to adapt to his new surroundings, adapting to living in 2 households, and most important showing him love, kindness and that he will not be hurt or hollered at and to feel safe and secure. That love ,kindness feeling safe and secure works so well .Buddy is starting to come out his shell. He has 2 new best friends Middy and Athena. For the first time in his life he can wander in our very large fenced in yard without a leash. He loves it . He even runs now. Buddy always ready to go outside.

News on Samantha is sad. I took her to the vet because she lost control of her Blatter and was wearing diapers. After all the tests and x-rays reviled she has Spinal Stenosis in laymen’s term she has narrowing of the spine. She has mobility now but she will be losing her mobility. She is on medication so she has her control of her Blatter . She is on a anti inflammatory and pain mediation.

She no loner goes upstairs anymore. I have made it very comfortable for her downstairs. She is not alone as Sasha the bird is down there with her and does that bird talk to Samantha. Sasha loves Samantha.

Samantha loves to chase the chipmunks. The chipmunks run under the log when they see her coming. It is so funny as she is digging at one end and chipmunk runs out the other and there’s Sam digging and looking.

I never moved these stumps out or smoothed the tiny hill down because the animals love that area. Birds, chipmunks , dogs. Buddy loves that area also. He is digging under the stump because he knows there are critters there. I caught him drinking from the bird bath.

Middy and Buddy are close already. Middy knew somethin wasn’t right with Buddy as Buddy kept bumping into her. I think she has figured it out and she looks out for him. Her Gotcha Day was Oct 13. She is 11 yrs old now.

Athena loves her comfort, her tire, and sunshine. She demolished that tire and I got her a bigger one. She has done a job on that one too. She also has Buddy chewing tires now.

Lastly my sister’s dog Tyeina passed away last month. She was 15 yrs old.

It felt good to sit and do this. I never take the time to do things I like to do. today I took the time.

Not a deep thinking post but my love for my animals shines though.

The last time I wrote on my blog my BabyGirl passed away. I sill miss her so much and I think that will stay with me. I had been busy re setting my fence in my yard and installing in fence where there was none to enclose the yard to let Samantha and Athena go out leed free. I had to make custom gate to be able to get lawnmower though. I finished in November. What a hard job that was. Samantha and Athena love their new freedom.


My little Middy is now the eldest elderbelle. She still has a lot of spunk but is sleeping a lot more than she use to.


Sasha the bird has been acting more like a dog as ever.


I have a new addition to my Family. She has no name yet right now she is called turtle. My sisters neighbor was evicted and they said if sister didn’t take her they were going to leave in house. They gave her to my sister in a grey plastic bin in filthy water. She called me as I have experience with turtles and still had living equipment left from Rizza. I have bought some newer equipment for her as  wanted to make her as comfortable and healthy as possible. She’s had it rough so she needs the TLC.


My Sweet BabyGirl

It is with great sadness that I write this and I still feel lost and heartbroken. My BabyGirl passed away yesterday. We shared 14 years together. Back in March I was told she had a large tumor mass in on her liver and spleen. The last few months it has been all about BabyGirl and giving her the most comfort and care. The picture I post here of her is one of my favorites of her.  I was so upset and decided to take BabyGirl for a walk. She wanted to go to the cornfield. Thus our cornfield walks started. She loved walking that cornfield and also the creek on the other side. Both me and my son took her on those walks. She loved them and was so happy which is what I wanted for her.  Rest in Peace My Sweet BabyGirl

BabyGirl May 8, 2005 – June 17 2019


My son Brian and BabyGirl walking the cornfield. 20190303_164112-1



BabyGirl loved to walk.




All Moved!

I know it has been quite some time that I have wrote anything. I had been so busy as my son and I have been house hunting for a duplex house. We both came to the decision that we would be less stressed and happier being neighbors. My son works a lot and I never got to see him much. I understood his not coming to visit often as I knew how much he works. He also stressed about me being so isolated and what would happen if I had a issue like when I had pancreatitis a about the middle of January . I had had it for a while and was doing all my chores and out shoveling snow. It got so bad I had to call him to come take me to the hosiptal. Great timing on my part as he had just gotten out of work. They wanted to keep me. I was having none of that. So they said if I could keep the Ginger Ale down they gave me with no pain I could go home with the diet restriction Jello and  clear liquid diet. I went home and next day Brian showed up with all kinds of broth and Jello and  pedialyte and juices.  Had some testing done and my gallbladder not functioning . Have to have it out. I put it off for after the move. Was suppose to do in February but I had to much on my plate. I will be making a appointment soon as I am almost caught up on everything. Finally!

Middy ditched me to spend the night with my son Brian as it was his night off. He works 3rd shift so him and Middy were on his schedule and was outside as the sun was rising. He took this picture. 28685363_10215992004492199_121352057974424343_n (1)

I had a great view at the other place and I am just as happy with this view. My yard will need a lot of work but to spend some time outside and not freezing will be welcome.

I dug up and prepared all my bushes ,plants and bulbs for the move. Had some great weather in December and was perfect to do that job. My lilac bush was the last plant my Mom gave me and I didn’t want to leave it. I even brought my wild strawberry plants.


The dogs have all adjusted. Athena manage to escape from Brian and Brian was running all over trying to catch her. I had Samantha on her leash so I couldn’t help. I also knew after Athena got her run in she would come back. When she did Brian was still down the road looking for her. Escape artist that she is she got out that week on me too. At the old house. I wasn’t about to run all over to get her so I got in my car rolled down my window went out in the road and called out “Athena want to go for car ride?” She came a running and I open passenger door and she hopped in. Took her for a little ride and went home. Beats running around like a crazy person ! 28277197_10215890988486862_7059452738737261756_n

Athena looking so sweet and innocent knowing she is a escape artist.


Athena cuddle time with Brian


Girl knows how to get comfortable.

28277200_10215939430337878_3483667541032921108_n (1)

Snuggle time with Kong.


Raw bone yum,yum

Now my oldest elderbelle BabyGirl adjusted quick. She is a veteran at the moving. She goes up and down the stairs with ease and I was a little worried about that. We were on a single level home at the old place.  She sure has had a lot of spunk sense moving here. Even though we lived  9 years at the old place she still knew what was up and helped me get the others adjusted and into a routine. Middy I think had it the hardest as the old place was the only home she knew sense she came to live with me.. It was all very confusing to her. She has adjusted well and I think she likes her new surroundings.


Middy needed a little bit more time adjusting. It didn’t help that she had been dealing with her winter allergies and they were bad this year. She is on the mend.

28424075_10215993045398221_4547879205684552556_o BabyGirl is a happy camper in her new digs.


Middy checking out her new yard.



BabyGirl enjoying new yard and a beautiful day.

Now we had some beautiful days and all were happy. A couple days later well ….


This is back door to garage where I let the girls out.

BabyGirl was not a happy camper . BabyGirl sun bathing one day and a couple days later working hard making paths in snow to go to bathroom.


Samantha takes everything well. She is just a happy dog.



Except when she thinks you want her Kong.


I made a breakthrough with Samantha here at the new house. Sense she came to live with me I could not get her in bath tub for a bath. I had to give her a bath outside with a hose.  Winter I had to wipe her down. I always kept trying and for some reason this move made her trust me more. She got into the bathtub here and had her first inside bath. She followed all my directions and felt so comfortable she laid down in the tub. No more hose baths for her!

Sasha didn’t miss a beat with the move. She like BabyGirl is a vetern at moving. I believe she really likes it here and added bonus is she see’s Brian more. She has a special bond with Brian. She is singing and dancing more.


Sasha going to make a mess for me with paper towel roll. I pack all her toys in a little box put in her play area and told her if she wanted her toys she would have to unpack herself. She did . She shredded that box and got all her toys out lol.


Sasha and her cat ball.


Sasha checking out front view.

We had a lot to adjust to but we are making our way and helping each other. I really don’t want to move again because it was hard!


Mary Jane

It is with great sadness that to tell you my cat Mary Jane passed away last night. She died in my arms last night. She was 15 years old and she passed away on my brothers birthday. My brother also is no longer here . He passed in 2015.

I had taken her to the Vet  yesterday because she got a infection.She never let on that she was not well. The infection was well on it’s way by the time I knew anything. The Vet believed it was bone cancer.

Mary Jane was very dog savvy. She could out smart those dogs all the time. She also sat in a row with them and did the dog begging for the food. She gave her paw just like the dogs. She would spend a lot of time in the kitchen with Sasha the bird chasing her around. Sasha would throw her cat balls for her and she would chase them and Sasha would laugh.

I am going to miss her so much. I am glad she is no longer in pain. I am glad she is with her sister Molly now. She really missed Molly after she passed.

Rest in Peace my little one and thank you for being a part of my family.

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It has been so long since I have posted . I have just been so busy. My year did not start out well. It has been a really hard year and yet I continue to stay positive.

I have a lot of death in my family this year and with death also comes a lot of work from what they leave behind. I surprised myself on the amount of work and the long hours I was keeping. Eventually my body was telling me I was doing to much. So I had to rest kind of. One of the people that passed was my sister in law Fran. She lived in Missouri. I live in Western , NY. She called me to say she could not care for her dogs anymore. So me and my other sister in law Sandie drove to Missouri and back in 2 days. So I now have the responsibility of Athena and Samantha. That makes a total of 4 dogs!!!


Fran Passed away 4 weeks later from 3 brain tumors. She lived 11 months after my brother Joey  her husband passed away in Aug 2015. Now I know that Fran loved her furbabies very much but I also know she did not know about dogs. Athena and Sam were not spay. Their nails never been cut and no shots. Giving them a bath was a experience.They were wild like they had no rules ever. Athena if didn’t get her way would do a constant whine which my bird picked up. I am on a limited income as I am retired and getting them spay was going to be a project so I thought. When I put the call out for help from all my animal loving friends for donations to get them shots and spay a wonderful friend Sally  paid for both of them. I took them in for their spay and Samantha could not be done. She had a ear infection, Fluid in her lungs, and she is 30 lbs overweight. So I am now attending to her ear and , fluid in her lungs and she is on a diet.She will go back when she is healthy.

Athena hopped up on medication after spay


Me and Sam waiting for Athena to get out of surgery.


Sam giving some comfort to Athena when we got home.( Vet clinic was 40 miles away)


A lot of other stuff went on and did I ever feel like I was being tested. I stayed strong and I look at all the positives and that helps so much. One was knowing about dogs sure did help so, so much. Having wonderful friends and family was comfort and help. I have 2 new furbabies that are not dead. The landlord just wanted to call the pound and have them killed. Sam is only 3 years old and is she smart. Athena is 5 years old and her specialty is escape artist. I had to always stay one step ahead of her until I broke those habits. Fran was able to pass with knowing her furbabies were safe and loved.

I have learned about myself that I am a strong person.Even in my old age lol.




It has been a long while since I last posted. Life had turned very busy and I think I have to many interests. On a positive note I am not bored. I also have been going though the emotions of losing loved ones. That is another post. I want my first post this year to be about one of my favorite past times of watching the birds. Since I live with a bird it makes sense. Sasha watches the birds with me and she copies their sounds. So as busy as summer was I took the time to figure out my camera and spent time taken pictures and videos of birds  Sasha and   Mary Jane the cat and BabyGirl and Midnight the dogs and my harvests of my garden.

You would think by me BabyGirl and Midnight going outside that the birds would fly away as soon as we opened the door but they don’t. They use to . They figured out that  Babygirl and Midnight won’t bother with  them and have the added security that the dogs don’t let any cats in our yard at all. The dogs go on kitty chase and birds keep on eating. They have a bird in the house telling them to “knock it off” , “go lay down” and my favorite “bad dog”and last but not least her new one “get it”. Yes my bird tells my dogs to go after stuff. I laugh a lot in this house.

Here are some of the pictures I took last summer in my yard (First picture I took today)

This is a Brown Headed Cow Bird. I took it just a little while ago. I know it does not look like a Feb 2nd picture in Western NY but we had just a lovely winter this year. This bird just laid there for hours snacking and just enjoying the sun.


Cardinals . So beautiful.





Yellow Finch


Morning Doves






This is a picture of a crow I took at Letchworth State Park  while visiting my sister who was camping there and it is a 15 min drive for me.







Picture of birds after it rains here going after the worms that surface.


A variety of birds Blue jay, Crow, Red Winged Black bird, Sparrows.

DSCF0431 (2)




2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

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