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Did You Hear About….

We were Nominated for the Sunshine Award!  We were Nominated by Wayward Dogs  

  We say we because with out us Mom would have a boring old blog with those stupid flowers and herbs she grows BORING. Once in a while she will let us Blog . We try to get her to let us blog more but she says then it would get to popular and we would be taken over her computer.









The Sunshine Award Comes with a few rules

Link to the Blog that Passed it on

Answer the Questions that come with it

Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they received it

Ouestions and Answers

What’s your favorite number?  Midnight   I Like 2 I love 2 of everything especially treats . BabyGirl I like 1. I wants to always be the 1  Mom like 6 and  she have no idea why.

Facebook or Twitter? Midnight and BabyGirl  We don’t like neither we like our  socialization up close and personal  For Mom   it is Facebook we have to say. Only because she spends so much   time on it Networking animals in high kill shelters and hoping it makes  a difference in some animals  lives. That’s how I  Midnight came to live with Mom

Find me under my real name on Google+

What’s your passion?   Midnight My passion  food, BabyGirl I have a passion for a really good chew bone. Mom Learning she  tries to learn something new everyday.

What’s your favorite pattern?   Midnight and Babygirl  We have never ever thought about it!  Mom  Plaid all kinds of it

What’s your favorite day of the week? Our favorite day of the week is all of them 

What’s your favorite flower?  BabyGirl and Midnight the ones the bees are on so we can eat them lolol  Mom likes Lilly’s all kinds of them! Daisy’s, Black eyed Susan’s and Sunflowers

My Sunshine Award nominees:

Our Waldo Bungie

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 LifeDesign Colorado

Habitat for Horses

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 No Act of Kindness is Too Small

Dr. Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal 


Thank You so Much Wayward Dogs for being inspiration for me to write my Blog

Wordless Wednesday

AL Sleeping in chair

Thoughts of My Memorial Day

Today my thoughts were of my Grandfather Frank Mallette who was in World War I United States Army   303 Wagon Co.

My Uncle Paul Mallette  who was in World War II United States Army 420 ARMDFLD ARTY BN

Of my Nephew David Brackett JR  who was in the Iraq war United States Navy USS Taylor .

All of my family members all returned home safely from the Wars and we as a family have been very lucky they did their duty  for our country and returned home safely.

My Grandfather came home and raised his family during the Depression and died at 70 not long after I was born.

My Uncle Paul Who enlisted in the Army during World War II came home but on his Birthday was killed . We never found out who his killer was or why he was killed. He was only 24 years old. I keep a picture up of him thinking how so unfair it was for him to serve his country and his country could not even bring any justice to his death.

My Nephew Jr came home and has been going to collage His talent is drawing and art. He has finished his first 2 years while working a full time job and I am proud of him as even when it seems to hard at times he still strives for  very good grade and continues working.

These are the people I think of on Memorial Day . They served our country , did their duty and deserve to be thought of.

In Memory Of Felix

All this week I have been aware that My Little Felix Has been gone from my life for a year now. It hasn’t gotten any easier for me. I still miss him so much. Even though my 2 girls BabyGirl and Midnight  keep me busy and I am so happy to have them in my life I still have that little pain of not having my Felix at my side. 

Felix and I had that rare special bond that comes very rarely and I feel like something is missing and it is that special bond he and I shared. We had 15 years together and Happy years at that. He was a little poser and very Ball crazy. He would fall asleep with a ball in his mouth! If Felix was around there was always a ball with him.  Felix left me  on May 24 ,2011. He was one of the sweetest dogs you could know. I still Love you Felix and I am always going to miss you.


Let Them Eat Cake

Our little Birthday party for BabyGirl.  Look at the Happy Girl who knows she is going to eat cake.                    


What a good girl sitting there with cake and not trying to take a bite! What will power!

OOPS! Spoke to soon.

It BabyGirls Birthday So let them eat cake !

Happy Birthday BabyGirl

BabyGirl is wiggling with Happiness today because it is her 7th Birthday! She is waiting in anticipation for her Birthday Dinner and cupcake! Happy Birthday BabyGirl!

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