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Spring Snow Storm

This is our  spring storm . Nothing like waking up to a bunch of snow! A few days ago I mowed the lawn and was wearing shorts. My poor lilac bush first hard freeze kills most of blooms now snow laying on it’s leaves not to mention the pelting winds hitting it for days! Hopefully next year will be better for it.We are under storm warning until tomorrow!


Save the Date, Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) Protest

Save the Date, Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) Protest.



I managed to catch this rainbow when I was outside yesterday. This is second rainbow I have seen it this area sense I have lived here.

WAS A Wordless Wednesday

This was a wordless wednesday pic but with the ways things have been going i  forgot 2 wednesdays in a row! So I post today because i sure will forget again!Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Manhattan Dog meets Cows and Amish all on a walk

Today I decided to load  BabyGirl and Midnight  into the truck and take a ride in my neighborhood and Find a different walking area for us to explore.  What was I thinking not to bring my camera.  I decided on a spot where a small herd of cows with their babies were out enjoying the sunshine. Midnight has seen cows from riding in a vehicle but never up close.  BabyGirl is a experienced country gal so cows were not new to her.  She was all for the new walking area! Oh how I wished I brought my camera when Midnight saw those cows up close. She had a expression  on her alright lol.  The cows were curious about us also and came up close and Midnight was a good girl and didn’t go crazy like she did with the horse the first time she saw it.  I think she was just fascinated with the cows. So I let her watch them for awhile .  When it was time to go she didn’t want to she wanted to stay with the cows.  Of course I had to pry her from her cow spot and head back towards the truck.  On our way back we met 3 nice Amish girls on a walk. We stopped as they asked me about my girls and I told them about my 2 Beauties and BabyGirl and Midnight  were again on their best behavior. I find on these little outing that I have a lot of Amish neighbors . I didn’t know that before I only been here 3 years! On the ride home I saw some horses that were preening each other and just enjoying being with each other. Again I scolded myself why didn’t I bring my camera.  I plan on taking the dogs on another exploration of our neighborhood and I will not forget my camera!

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