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Hurricane Sandy

I was most fortunate not to have had any damage, destruction, or power outage during Hurricane Sandy.  My thoughts and prayers are for those who were so affected by this storm and who have to deal with it’s aftermath. I spent the time snuggled up with my animal crew and Networked pets in kill shelters. My 2 dogs BabyGirl and Midnight would not even go outside to go to the Bathroom when Sandy reached us. I did try a few times but they were not having it.  I took a pic of when she just started to come our way.

I couldn’t get any good shots after that because visibility was 0 and it was getting to dark. The next photos are of today of the same view what a difference.




This is a photo of my little back woods little damage but not bad at all. BabyGirl and Midnight Love to go in here and explore and track whatever little critters are hanging out there. Now They won’t be allowed until I make sure it is safe for them to go.





Wordless Wednesday

My Dogs Spoiled ?

I was recently ask by a friend are my dogs spoiled . My reply to her was sending her this pic. Do you think my dogs are spoiled?Image

Wordless Wednesday


Sometimes I make Mistakes

I try to set up post as a draft ahead of time so if that day is going to be hectic I can just click publish. Today I was doing that chore and clicked publish instead. So please excuse my Mistakes.  I make a lot of them not because my Brain doesn’t work it does! I have a few issues with my hands and they don’t always do what my Brain tells them to. I have been seeing lately this is getting a little worse . So please be patient with me I am going to get better it is just going to take a little time. I refuse to give up the things I like to do because of limitations or as I call them issues! On the up side you just got the sneak peek at Wordless Wednesday Giggle 🙂

Happy Birthday Midnight ?

Today is what I deemed Midnight’s Birthday, Her anniversary? Or as my fellow Blogger Crystal of  Wayward Dogs  Deems Gotcha Day! What ever it is called Today Midnight is 1 year older (3 years old now )   It is her  1 year anniversary being a part of our family and also her Gotcha Day as it is the day I Got her. So today is a day with a lot to celebrate.

















I remember her arrival that first day home. When I first brought her in the door the first thing she saw was the Turtle Tank  and she jumped into the tank. I thought This is going to be fun! Yes it has been fun!

I also thought I would be in for some rough times getting BabyGirl and Midnight to get along. BabyGirl is not one to get along with other dogs at all. When we first started out it was hard and at times scary. With a lot of Love, Patients, Training, Guidence the results are good. This was them yesterday after being outside exploring and playing together.

I believe Midnight has done a world of good for BabyGirl she has brought the” puppy” out in her.

I enjoy Midnight and I am so Happy that she is here with me Happy and Healthy! So Happy Birthday Midnight! Happy Anniversary Midnight and Happy Gotcha Day Midnight!

Wordless Wednesday


Back on May 31 I was…

nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award!

Due to circumstances and just being me which is I do not move in a timely manner I am just getting to my award now. I want to ThankFood Stories for nominating me for this Award. There are a few Rules to follow threw with accepting this award and they are : 

1. A random though about myself : I am a positive person and I like it that way.

2. Courtesy link back to the official award site:

Food Stories

3. Five  other  Bloggers who I enjoy reading :

Texana’s Kitchen

Adventures of a Dog Mom

Long Life Cats and Dogs

Fluffy Tuffs

Rivers Flow

Molley and Alfie

It might turn into something …

But for now I am just enjoying learning on how to do my Blog. I am taken it slow and just enjoying it. I get comments about how I don’t have a lot of traffic and you will notice I don’t have any advertising and I am not trying to sell anything to anybody.  But They are trying to sell to me! I never was one to have that gift of selling, or make a sale etc… I am just not made that way. I do this blog more for me and if someone happens upon it and enjoy’s the content or it gives someone a little smile then that’s ok  by me. I am at a part of my life now where I have found peace, security, comfort,and mostly the time to enjoy my Pets which I do very much.  I have never been the one to follow the herd. Most likely I am always the one going in the opposite direction of the herd. If it is trending now you won’t see me there.  I am Happy with where I am and who I am and I know a lot of people don’t have that. So all in all I don’t have a lot of traffic, I am not trying to sell anything , I am just being me. I guess these are the reason’s I am  Not A City Girl Anymore.

I Had Never…..

I have never seen a bird like this up close and in real life before this day. I think it is some kind of vulture . Him and his pals were guarding a deer that was run over on the side of the road. He had a lot of buddies with him.


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