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Back in February  I sadly had to send Molly over rainbow bride because og Feline Leukemia. She is so missed to this day.


They are inside cats (girls)  and are spaded so I never  thought about them getting Feline Leukemia. Really I didn ‘t know there was a shot to prevent it . I know about dogs and my knowledge about cats has been limited. A feral cat was courting my girls threw the window and managed to convince Molly to sneak out one day.( I have no idea why this cat liked my girls as they are spaded but he did) . Molly spent the night with this cat and returned in the morning. This is I believe how she got sick.
Her best friend Mary Jane had to wait to get the test the vet said. 


So yesterday was the day Mary  Jane was to get her check up and test. She had a negitive test result and her checkup is she is a healthy middle aged kitty. I am so glad that stress is over with. She recived her Feline Leukemia shot and her Rabies shot and all is well for her. We miss Molly so much but in a way Molly ‘ s  life and death educated me on cats and in turned helped me protect Mary Jane.

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