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My First Protest

Most  protests that go on are usually in a big city USA and sense I live in what is call way out there in the country I never get to participate in the protests that go on about my animal friends domestic or wild . Anyone that has ever took a peek into this blog knows I love my fur friends. I always take to the internet to fight the many battles for animals. Not today, today I participated in a protest in Holly , NY that is a couple counties over from me. The Protest against what is called the Squirrel Slam. The Holly Fire Dept has a contest every year to raise funds by the killing of innocent squirrels. Friends of offered the Holly Fire Dept  money not to go on with the contest and it was more money than they would have made on the contest and they turned it down That in it self is bad enough but to add to it the contest let 12 years old and up participate in this contest/fundraiser of killing of small animals. I see this as a problem especially with the children being taught it is ok to kill a sentient being. It desensitizes the children .   Then they grow up and society has to deal with them.  Then they reward them with a prize for killing . No good can come out of this Protest3 or thisprotest 12 Or this protest 13Those squirrels are the reason I chose to protest as they have every right to live as we  do. I enjoy wildlife and I don’t want it to be killed off because of a contest/fundraiser.  NY Residents: Find your legislators and ask them to support the bills that will ban animal-killing contests in NY   : I put why I Protested and posted pictures of the end result of this contest Dead Squirrels. Now I will post of what we did as protesters.


Protest 2

Edita of   Friends of given the Fire Chef petiton to stop the squirrel Slam Contest.

Protest 3



The protesters that are protesting the protesters


Please take the time to let your Legislators know that animal killing contests should be no more.

Will I ever protest again you bet as long as I can get there I will always try to help my animal friends.

NYCACC be Accountable for not doing right by the Animals

Every once in awhile I post something about animals that is important to me. This is one of those times. There is a Petition   going around to give New York City a little shove towards doing the right Thing.

I know it is such a shame that you have to give our elected officials and our government departments a shove to do the right thing. This is what we must do so I am trying to help do that.

It is so important to me as I have one of those dogs from NYC as part of my Family. Here she is on her intake photo. She looks so frighten and do you blame her for being so scared? Midnight was going to be killed because she had kennel cough. It is very treatable and more important  it is preventable.


      This is a photo (below) a volunteer took. The volunteer took the time to have her comfortable to take her picture. The VOLUNTEERS are AMAZING at the NYCACC. Thank you guy’s so much for all the care you give to the NYCACC animals. This is the picture I saw on my Facebook in the middle of the night on a To Be Destroyed List on Urgent Part 2 Death Row Dogs.  A Facebook site that post dogs that are not seen by the public. I had this feeling that I needed to give her a home and I am so glad I did. She is so very sweet and smart. I contacted a Rescue in NYC  Social Tees Animal Rescue  and they made it happen for Midnight to become part of my Family. I live in Western NY and Midnight traveled across NY state to find her forever home.

There are so many people out there that are trying to save these animals and yet the NYCACC is suppose to be doing what so many of these caring people do. That is why it is so important to sign thePetition . To make NYCACC and the NYC Department of health accountable for not doing their job and not doing it right. So please sign the Petition and make NYCACC know they need to do their job and do it right. NYC is suppose to be a leader and yet they are so un-evolved when it comes to our pets.

This is Midnight sense she has been with me. All NYCACC wanted to do with her is kill her.




It might turn into something …

But for now I am just enjoying learning on how to do my Blog. I am taken it slow and just enjoying it. I get comments about how I don’t have a lot of traffic and you will notice I don’t have any advertising and I am not trying to sell anything to anybody.  But They are trying to sell to me! I never was one to have that gift of selling, or make a sale etc… I am just not made that way. I do this blog more for me and if someone happens upon it and enjoy’s the content or it gives someone a little smile then that’s ok  by me. I am at a part of my life now where I have found peace, security, comfort,and mostly the time to enjoy my Pets which I do very much.  I have never been the one to follow the herd. Most likely I am always the one going in the opposite direction of the herd. If it is trending now you won’t see me there.  I am Happy with where I am and who I am and I know a lot of people don’t have that. So all in all I don’t have a lot of traffic, I am not trying to sell anything , I am just being me. I guess these are the reason’s I am  Not A City Girl Anymore.

Memphis Animal Shelter

When I decide to put a cause on my blog it is because it is a cause that needs Urgent attention. I have been following the whole story about the Memphis Animal Shelter for quite awhile now. They need to make some changes their way  has not been working.They need to put more effort in giving the animals in their care(?) more available  to the public ,make adoptions more consumer friendly. Ohh Just put more effort in finding homes for their animals instead of killing them. So I ask you to please take a look at this action alert and take action., The animals there  need a voice. Memphis Animal Shelter won’t change until we take action

So sad

I spend a lot of time on facebook sharing pics of dogs in high kill shelters that need fostering or adoption. One I always do is URGENT2 which is the NYC shelters. I go there because that is where I got Midnight from. I work and sign petitions, send letters to try and change the killing of perfectly great dogs. Tonight was sad because all the dogs threads were quite . Those dogs will be PTS tomorrow morning . I just can’t get the fact as Americans how we can do this on a daily basis to these animals.(that includes Cats and Rabbits etc…)We have taken a step back making horse slaughter legal again. We Americans are not all that we think we are. We have not evolved all that much. Tonight I go to sleep so sad for trying to save those dogs know they will be PTS in the morning. This is my opinion !


Unfortunally Midnight is not here yet. She was Spayed this morning and from messages from a  volunteer she is doing fine. I really can’t wait until she is out of there. From reports she is eager to go.Transport should happen on Thursday. I have been working alot on petitions to make all shelters and pounds no-kill. This is very important to me. I had watched video of dogs being gassed and it has effected me terribly.I saw the video at   I thought I had a problem with some people before now I have a real problem with certain types of people. Like ones who can do that go home and sleep. It takes all kinds for this world and those people we really could do without. If they can do that to animals imagine  what they are capable of with people or children.I have been told that it is their job but… I’m sorry no job is worth that. I went threw hard times and never would I stoop that low. Really makes you think.

On the brighter side Midnight has been saved and I will continue to educate myself to educate people that the animals don’t need to be “Put to sleep”


I am so disappointed and sad about the outcome of the town meeting in Kern county CA for not granting Tia Torres permits to have her Pittbull rescue site in the town of Tehachapi. From what I have seen and read about Tia she is a responsible and caring person. She gives those people and dogs a second chance at life and how many people say that they can do that . She is not just helping one at a time she has taken on helping multiple people and dogs at a time. Although her main help is with Pittbulls she has not turn down helping of any animal in need. But yet I feel sad that she was not helped by the town of Tehachapi when she needed it.

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