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So sad

I spend a lot of time on facebook sharing pics of dogs in high kill shelters that need fostering or adoption. One I always do is URGENT2 which is the NYC shelters. I go there because that is where I got Midnight from. I work and sign petitions, send letters to try and change the killing of perfectly great dogs. Tonight was sad because all the dogs threads were quite . Those dogs will be PTS tomorrow morning . I just can’t get the fact as Americans how we can do this on a daily basis to these animals.(that includes Cats and Rabbits etc…)We have taken a step back making horse slaughter legal again. We Americans are not all that we think we are. We have not evolved all that much. Tonight I go to sleep so sad for trying to save those dogs know they will be PTS in the morning. This is my opinion !


Wash. Animal Rescue League: An Animal Shelter Like No Other – YouTube

Wash. Animal Rescue League: An Animal Shelter Like No Other – YouTube

via Wash. Animal Rescue League: An Animal Shelter Like No Other – YouTube.

2 dogs that …

don’t like dogs have decided to like each other. Go figure.

BabyGirl & Midnight


Who would have thought a few weeks ago they wanted to rip each others heads off!

Snuggling and playing wow!


Was it worth all the stress, training and patients YES !

Tug anyone?


Old BabyGirl has found her puppy in her again!

Midnight came to live in my home on Oct.13,2011 and it is now Dec12,2011 I’d say that they both made a lot  of progress. It was not a easy decision to foster Midnight and now it wouldn’t be fair to BabyGirl to take her new best friend away. So I have sent in the adoption contract for Midnight so that she gets to stay in her Forever Home.

My Nephews First Art Exhibit


Art Gallery, Corning, Southern Tier, Market Street, My first piece in an Art Exhibit

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