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Winter Storm and Etc…

I live in the area where we were hit by the snow storm in Western , NY. We were not hit as hard as a couple of towns that got 64 inches in 24 hours but it still was a lot of snow for a 24 hour period. We are to get pounded with more snow tomorrow. But I have to say it is beautiful and I have a great big window in the warm to enjoy the view! 

About a week before the storm I took this picture because I thought the moon threw the trees looked awesome

.Last but not least I was at a friends house today and I was looking out his balcony doors and saw this little chubby Robin and had to take it’s picture. This little lovely has been eating well. My friend said his neighbor has a bird feeder at the bottom branches of this tree.


It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything and I am sorry for this as I do enjoy blogging. We have been having a pretty tough winter here and have been hiding out in the house. Sense the Temp has been so cold here my pups have been house bound. When I did take them outside we didn’t stay out very long as frostbite was a very real threat. Puppy paws and ears  are too important to take the chance. Yesterday we had yet another snow storm and I had to go out in it. Unavoidable.         I rode with my Neighbor who has the all wheel drive because my car is two-wheel drive and it is staying in the driveway.     I will wait until the snow melts to take it out! Right now I am not in shape to be digging out a car. Today we went out for a little while and it is still so cold and the freezing wind did not help at all. But we took a little walk and managed to trek to the mailbox. We all got some needed excersize.

I can’t wait for spring and will be so glad to have something to blog about !

Holy Cow is it windy here!

I took BabyGirl and Midnight out to play earlier today even though it was windy. I live on top of a hill so we really get strong winds. Today a newspaper was flying in the wind and it followed BabyGirl then she turned around saw it and dodged it. It was so funny. They had a great time outside and came in to nap.

I look out the window a while later and this is what I saw. Not only was my picnic table making it’s way threw the yard but my hummingbird feeder was emptied by the wind not the birds.


I went to the back door to take the above picture and I noticed more of my stuff that had been thrown around by the wind. This grill is not light and yet the wind managed to move it! The thing  in between my grills is a party tent I was going to put up for shade in the yard. It has metal frame but I am now glad I hadn’t gotten around to put it up yet as it probably would have ended up in the corn field lol .

Rainy Day’s What You Going To Do?








Well it starts out like this. ( Note  some of my pictures are a little edited because I am trying to learn how to edit , borders etc.. I realize that I am not good at it yet and have mistakes. But The pics of the dogs were good so I used them anyway.)SDC12003_rounded_corners

It progresses to kissing


It then turns to kissing and nibbling



SDC12005 1_rounded_corners


Which then goes one step further to standing ,kissing, and nibbling 


Then it turns into all out play


Then you add a piece of your old toy to the mix ( Notice how lazy Midnight finally stands up )


Then all settles down until the next round . That is what you do on a Rainy Day


BabyGirls Birthday



Yesterday BabyGirl turned 8 years old. We have not had her little party yet as between getting windows installed and the  rainy weather  it had to be put off. She did have her Special Birthday Dinner. She ok with waiting on cake and milk. ( She knows her cake is on the counter!) The picture is of her latest adventure to a creek by our house. We have another creek adventure planed and this time the new creek will end with a waterfall!

We are looking forward to  adventures  this  Spring and Summer and excited about exploring our surroundings. On that Note I just have to say Happy Birthday BabyGirl!                                                                                                   



Interruption of Spring

I woke up this morning and opened the door to let the dogs out and this is what I saw. A interruption of Spring.






The Birds were out in all this. I wondered how they liked all the ice on the branches.


Today Spring Begins……NOT

Today Spring Begins......NOT

Snow Play

So BabyGirl and Midnight did get out this winter to play in the snow. When we first went out it was daylight but dusk approached us and we stayed out anyway.

 Not a snow ball. It is a tennis ball in disguise                 

    I thought catching the wind blowing the snow up in the air was cool.   

BabyGirl is a 65 Pound German Shepard Mix and look how high the snow is on her.

       The Money Butt shot Hee, Hee

    That BabyGirl sure Loves to go in the snow!

   BabyGirl and Midnight finally meet up.

     My ball, oh where is my ball!

Spring Snow Storm

This is our  spring storm . Nothing like waking up to a bunch of snow! A few days ago I mowed the lawn and was wearing shorts. My poor lilac bush first hard freeze kills most of blooms now snow laying on it’s leaves not to mention the pelting winds hitting it for days! Hopefully next year will be better for it.We are under storm warning until tomorrow!

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