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Thoughts of my Memorial Day 2013

Last year I did a Blog on Memorial Day of those in my family who served our country. I had only put who I knew served. Sense then I have been researching my family history and making a family tree.  On this Memorial Day I get to include more of family who served due to this research.

While Researching I found this site New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center and Discovered My 2nd Great Grandfather John Mallette ( who was born in Canada French) served in the Civil war. On this site I found a Letter that describes the Battle in which he was Killed in Action. The letter can be found here. The title on the letter is :

Army Correspondence.

My thoughts will be with him on this Day.

His brother Peter Mallette( also born Canada ,French) also served in the Civil War. He was wounded and mustered out. Sense this information is new to me I have yet to compile all the information. He served and I am honored to mention him for this Memorial Day.

I must mention that I was surprised to find that my Family History goes back to Canada French.  I am sure as I continue to research I will find many family members who served in our Military.

Now John Mallettes Grandson my Grandfather Frank Mallette  served in WWI  United States Army   303 Wagon Co.

Frank Mallette  Stevens Cemetery North Bangor, NY

Frank Mallette
Stevens Cemetery North Bangor, NY

Frank Mallette’s  son Paul Mallette my uncle served in WWII   United States Army 420 ARMDFLD ARTY BN

Paul Mallette Stevens Cemetery North Bangor , NY

Paul Mallette
Stevens Cemetery
North Bangor , NY

Paul Mallette

Paul Mallette

Picture was in a house fire and has some water damage and had to be trimmed but I am so glad that it could be saved.

Now Frank Mallette Great Grandson  David Brackett Jr Served in Iraq War United States Navy on the USS Taylor.  He was in Commucations   . He served from  November 2004 – May 2009.

David Brackett Jr United States Navy

David Brackett Jr
United States Navy

My son Brian and David and the USS Taylor in Port in Philadelphia Pa 2008


USS Taylor at twlight

USS Taylor at twilight Philadelphia PA 2008 

My son and I were living in Philadelphia at the time Davids ship came to port and it had been so long sense we had seen him. We were happy to get to spend some time with him. We also got to tour his ship.

On board the USS Taylor

On board the USS Taylor

 David and Brian  Inside USS Taylor

David and Brian
Inside USS Taylor


David today at work

David today at work

 My thoughts will be with all my Family who served in the Military. I know it wasn’t easy for them and I know they knew it was necessary to serve. Thank you all who served our country and keep us safe.


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