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I Had Never…..

I have never seen a bird like this up close and in real life before this day. I think it is some kind of vulture . Him and his pals were guarding a deer that was run over on the side of the road. He had a lot of buddies with him.



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3 thoughts on “I Had Never…..

  1. You’re right it’s a Turkey Vulture, sometimes called a Turkey Buzzard or just a Buzzard. We see them a lot near our farm.

    • I have seen a lot of Hawks but never these. I have to watch out for the Hawks when I bring Rizza (My turtle) out for some yard time.My little dog Felix hated the Hawks and would get so mad when he spotted them and bark like crazy at them. I guess he was telling them your not getting me- Giggle-

  2. That would be a turkey vulture, yep. Not so pretty up close, but they have their purpose.

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