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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

My First Protest

Most  protests that go on are usually in a big city USA and sense I live in what is call way out there in the country I never get to participate in the protests that go on about my animal friends domestic or wild . Anyone that has ever took a peek into this blog knows I love my fur friends. I always take to the internet to fight the many battles for animals. Not today, today I participated in a protest in Holly , NY that is a couple counties over from me. The Protest against what is called the Squirrel Slam. The Holly Fire Dept has a contest every year to raise funds by the killing of innocent squirrels. Friends of offered the Holly Fire Dept  money not to go on with the contest and it was more money than they would have made on the contest and they turned it down That in it self is bad enough but to add to it the contest let 12 years old and up participate in this contest/fundraiser of killing of small animals. I see this as a problem especially with the children being taught it is ok to kill a sentient being. It desensitizes the children .   Then they grow up and society has to deal with them.  Then they reward them with a prize for killing . No good can come out of this Protest3 or thisprotest 12 Or this protest 13Those squirrels are the reason I chose to protest as they have every right to live as we  do. I enjoy wildlife and I don’t want it to be killed off because of a contest/fundraiser.  NY Residents: Find your legislators and ask them to support the bills that will ban animal-killing contests in NY   : I put why I Protested and posted pictures of the end result of this contest Dead Squirrels. Now I will post of what we did as protesters.


Protest 2

Edita of   Friends of given the Fire Chef petiton to stop the squirrel Slam Contest.

Protest 3



The protesters that are protesting the protesters


Please take the time to let your Legislators know that animal killing contests should be no more.

Will I ever protest again you bet as long as I can get there I will always try to help my animal friends.

It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything and I am sorry for this as I do enjoy blogging. We have been having a pretty tough winter here and have been hiding out in the house. Sense the Temp has been so cold here my pups have been house bound. When I did take them outside we didn’t stay out very long as frostbite was a very real threat. Puppy paws and ears  are too important to take the chance. Yesterday we had yet another snow storm and I had to go out in it. Unavoidable.         I rode with my Neighbor who has the all wheel drive because my car is two-wheel drive and it is staying in the driveway.     I will wait until the snow melts to take it out! Right now I am not in shape to be digging out a car. Today we went out for a little while and it is still so cold and the freezing wind did not help at all. But we took a little walk and managed to trek to the mailbox. We all got some needed excersize.

I can’t wait for spring and will be so glad to have something to blog about !

Wordless Wednesday with a few words

Wordless Wednesday with a few words

Who knew that a large stick would make such a happy face on Midnight.

I’m Back !

Finally I have a computer again! A present from my son. That was a little hard all those months with just a Kindle Fire. The other way I also looked at it was I was just glad I had a way online. I did have to stop a lot of things I like to do. That is all over now. I’ll tell ya I can go threw a lot of computers. The last one died because of a electrical fire. The computer and electric wires were the only casulties. Electric repaired and computer replaced I’m all good. I was just thankful I noticed the fire before it really became a big problem.

This past summer Midnight knocked over one of my little yard tables and this is what was attached to it


My son taught me how to make stuffed grape leaves. They are so good.


I have a little mini slow cooker so I also have been making from scratch chicken soup.


My Ouick Fire Hydrangea started out this spring Like this


Summertime it transformed into this


It then proceeded to change color to pink blooms. That was about the time to much stuff was going on and I wasn’t doing much picture taken. I hope to get all the stages starting next spring.

My sister had a Rose bush she didn’t want any more so I brought it home and planted it. It bloomed this year


My Lilly’s did great . I have sense transplanted the to a new flower bed in the back yard. all total 15 Lillies. They had babies. I think it is going to look so awsome. I am letting the wild strawberries take over in those beds for the bunnies as I like to watch them.


The birds have caught on that cats don’t come around my yard so they have made nests in my Junipers.


Baby birds did great because no cats around to eat them during that crucial time they are on the ground learning to fly.

My neighbors cat waits for the moment in his yard. He doesn.t dare come into mine because he knows BabyGirl and Midnight guard their yard. Mr. Whiskers found that out the hard way.

Of course Midnight and BabyGirl are working as a team covering all the bases on look out.


Midnight goofy face


Also Last but not least BabyGirl wearing her Glow in the dark  Beer Paws Bottle opener That I purchased for both dogs threw Wayward Dogs a fellow Blogger. First Blog I ever read and still following. I have not yet been able to get Midnight with hers but I will. Portion of the procedes go to helping the dogs in Kansas City.

Wordless Wednesday



Back in February  I sadly had to send Molly over rainbow bride because og Feline Leukemia. She is so missed to this day.


They are inside cats (girls)  and are spaded so I never  thought about them getting Feline Leukemia. Really I didn ‘t know there was a shot to prevent it . I know about dogs and my knowledge about cats has been limited. A feral cat was courting my girls threw the window and managed to convince Molly to sneak out one day.( I have no idea why this cat liked my girls as they are spaded but he did) . Molly spent the night with this cat and returned in the morning. This is I believe how she got sick.
Her best friend Mary Jane had to wait to get the test the vet said. 


So yesterday was the day Mary  Jane was to get her check up and test. She had a negitive test result and her checkup is she is a healthy middle aged kitty. I am so glad that stress is over with. She recived her Feline Leukemia shot and her Rabies shot and all is well for her. We miss Molly so much but in a way Molly ‘ s  life and death educated me on cats and in turned helped me protect Mary Jane.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Midnight Found her Career Posing with Sticks!

As I stated in my Blog Exploring our Little part of our World that I left out pictures that had sticks in them because that was a whole other Blog. Well this is that Blog.

Back in Jan of 2012 I wrote a Blog titled Sticks because I seen a fellow Blogger Emily Our Waldo Bungie write about her foster dog  Ginger Rogers Protector from  Sticks.  Sense then I have noticed Midnight prefers a stick over any toy there is.  Midnight is still protector from sticks.  

When Midnight first came to live with me she was put on a 40 ft lead as I didn’t know her well enough yet to let her go un leashed.  She did start her no lead training but even on the lead she managed to find sticks.





After that stick

After that stick

she actually moved that log to get that stick. The stick got away

she actually moved that log to get that stick. The stick got away

So she found this one and after that she no longer would carry  short sticks . She had to have the long ones.

So she found this one and after that she no longer would carry short sticks . She had to have the long ones.

My friend and guide Kori and Midnight and of course the Stick.

My friend and guide Kori and Midnight and of course the Stick.

So when Midnight lost her stick she tried taken Kori's. I had to go find another stick for her so she would leave Kori's alone abd she would not take a short one it had to be a long one!

So when Midnight lost her stick she tried taken Kori’s. I had to go find another stick for her so she would leave Kori’s alone but she would not take a short one it had to be a long one!

After that she lost that one and decided to Explore with BabyGirl instead.

Exploring and night vision working well LOL

Exploring and night vision working well LOL

So while BabyGirl has had a career in Posing with Yogurt Cups and Midnight did try posing with Yogart Cups and they were to small for her to pose with so she tried this :


But it didn’t really work out so I guess she found her new career in Posing with sticks  !

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